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Andrew’s Story

Andrew, a former secondary teacher turned boatbuilder, stumbled upon the Welding and Fabrication Skills Bootcamp via Facebook. Intrigued by the opportunity to enhance his capabilities and diversify his skillset, he enrolled in the bootcamp.

"Don’t hesitate to sign up. I loved it! If I can do it at 56, so can you!”

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Job title: Boat Builder

Company: Self-employed

Course: Welding and Fabrication Bootcamp


Andrew’s transition from teaching to boatbuilding presented a unique challenge: acquiring new technical skills relevant to his current profession. The desire to master welding techniques drove him to seek additional training. He was motivated by his aspirations to return to his passion for stage design, theatre and film prop-making.

Immersing himself in the bootcamp, Andrew found himself among a supportive group, fostering a sense of camaraderie. The flexible scheduling accommodated his work demands without compromising the quality of his learning experience. He praised the staff for their expertise and approachability, contributing significantly to his positive experience.

Reflecting on his journey, Andrew enthusiastically encourages others to seize similar opportunities for skills development. His advice resonates with a powerful message of age being no barrier to learning and growth. He urges individuals to embrace such initiatives wholeheartedly, stating: “Don’t hesitate to sign up. I loved it! If I can do it at 56, so can you!”

Andrew’s story embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and adaptability. His willingness to embrace change, learn new skills, and remain open to diverse career pathways serves as an inspiration to those seeking to broaden their expertise.

The bootcamp not only empowered Andrew with welding proficiency but also reignited his aspirations in the creative domains of stage design and prop-making. Andrew now feels like his options are limitless: “I feel like I could take on the world!”

To find out more about the Welding Skills Bootcamp visit:

A photo of Andrew who completed a Welding bootcamp at Truro and Penwith College. He is using pencil and paper at a desk with other equipment on the table.

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