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Kayleigh’s Story

Kayleigh has progressed quickly in her career using the skills she gained through her Apprenticeship and the support of College staff.

“If it hadn’t been for all the managerial and retail courses, I wouldn’t have been able to progress within the company.”

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Subjects studied: Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship

Former hometown: Bodmin

What’s next: To continue her role at Ann’s Cottage and keep looking for new opportunities

My story:

From Supervisor to Assistant Manager and now an Assistant to the Area Manager, Kayleigh has quickly made herself a vital team member at Ann’s Cottage, the retail shop where she has worked during her Apprenticeship with the College.

Starting with a Retail Apprenticeship in 2015, Kayleigh has since completed numerous courses to support her career, including the Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship.

Kayleigh said: “Completing the course has given me a massive confidence boost to be able to deal with many situations within the retail sector. I have been able to deal with equality and diversity, HR issues and the general day-to-day issues you have within retail.

“My tutor was a massive help throughout my course. I have dyslexia and I struggled when doing written assignments and exams. Each week he would sit with me and talk through my work, making sure I understood everything I needed to do.

“In the workplace, my manager supported me and helped me to learn different management styles and adapt to my own style of management.

“If it hadn’t been for all the managerial and retail courses, I wouldn’t have been able to progress within the company.

“I think my main focus now is to enjoy my new role within Ann’s Cottage, and if any job opportunities arise, who knows what could happen.”

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