Stadium for Cornwall

Stadium for Cornwall will be a multi-use sports and education facility that will be a permanent home for the Cornish Pirates and the Truro City FC. In partnership with Truro and Penwith College, it will become a gathering place for sport, culture, education and business.

Supporting Cornwall

A message from David Walrond - Principal of Truro and Penwith College

As college principal, you quite rightly get asked some challenging and difficult questions. The question ‘Why support and invest in a stadium for Cornwall?’ is not one of them. The answer is straightforward and linked directly to why we support and invest in Cornwall itself, and in its future. That kind of investment is something we as a college are committed to doing, and have been doing for a quarter of a century.

Our commitment is to helping individuals and businesses know more and do more (often referred to as “learning and skills”) so that they in turn can contribute much more. Places themselves, like people, can become more self-sufficient and prosperous and healthy and resilient if, through investment, they are given the opportunities and the support they need. There is no better type of investment, and no better return on investment.

As a college, for example, we would like Cornwall’s business and employer community to have outstanding accessible facilities - to network within and beyond Cornwall , to find the best advice and support, to hold conferences and meetings of real scale and impact, to showcase what Cornwall is and does, to attract potential investors from across and outside Cornwall. The stadium and its new business centre will provide such a venue.

As a college we would like to contribute more to the crucial work of improving the health and well-being of families and individuals in Cornwall at all stages of their lives – through getting people to understand the benefits of exercise, good diet, recreation, teamwork. The stadium will not only offer a fantastic venue for these things, but it will actively promote them across a much wider community.

As a college we know there are great opportunities to enrich the cultural life of Cornwall through a new large performance venue like the stadium.

We know the stadium will allow us to grow our successful Catering and Hospitality provision, and further enhance the quality and reputation of these crucial industries in Cornwall.

There are also the huge benefits for sport, not just the extending of the elite sports programmes where the college now has produced many notable alumni, but the kind of sport for all initiatives that involve as wide a section of the community as possible in its benefits.

And clearly we would love to see Cornish rugby and football go the next levels with our many learners and stakeholders of all ages among the crowds cheering them on. There is a passion for sport in Cornwall which deserves and could have more to cheer about.

Whatever the outcomes of the current national political debates, Cornwall will need to ensure it and its inhabitants are as self-sufficient, as skilled and smart, as confident and resourceful as possible to secure the kind of future it needs and deserves. The stadium supports all of these aims for Cornwall, and so the college supports the stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions


Stadium for Cornwall will be the foundation for a fully independent professional catering and events organisation, offering state of the art business conferencing and business network building facilities with hospitality that features the very best of Cornish food and service.

Peter Child, Pirates Chief Executive

The infrastructure for a thriving business

Stadium for Cornwall is putting in place the infrastructure for a thriving hospitality and catering business. In addition to ensuring sports fans get maximum enjoyment from game days, Stadium for Cornwall will be able to host conferences, weddings and other functions to a scale that is unmatched in Cornwall. 

There will be hospitality and catering functions of varying capacity centred on the second floor of the stadium, which will be highly flexible and able to cater for multiple functions on the same day. It includes 14 corporate boxes with seating capacities varying between 10 and 40 (depending on the configuration of the partitions) and two hospitality lounges with a combined seating capacity of more than 500 people, making it the largest function centre in Cornwall.

Come match day, Truro and Penwith students and staff will assist in the operation of the facility, giving 'real-life' learning experience both for those who aspire to a career in the kitchen as well as those motivated to work front of house.

Rick Stein at Spires Restaurant, Truro College

The Rick Stein Academy at Truro College

A shared vision for success

Stadium for Cornwall will be more than a permanent home for the Pirates. Through partnerships with Truro and Penwith College, Truro City Football Club and New Zealand's Chiefs Super Rugby franchise, the stadium will become the centrepiece of a property development in the heart of Cornwall and a hub for education sport and culture in the region. 

The College has committed to basing business, sporting, hospitality and catering education facilities at the stadium, including one of its award-winning training restaurants.

The catering facilities are being established in conjunction with the Rick Stein Academy, which was launched with Truro and Penwith College in 2015 to foster culinary talent across the Westcountry.

The academy provides the opportunity for students to work alongside chefs and staff from the Rick Stein Group in developing their culinary expertise and is built on seven years of successful partnership between the group and the college.

The Centrepiece of a new community

Planning consent has been granted for a substantial site to the west of Truro fronting the A390. S4C will draw from a catchment with a resident population of more than a half million people per year-round and more than 3 million during peak tourism periods. It is accessible to all of Cornwall's major towns and tourist destinations from Penzance to the south west of Truro, Launceston to the east and Plymouth to the south east.

Truro also represents a gateway to Cornwall's unique culture, spectacular landscape and mild climate. Surrounded on three sides by the English Channel and Celtic Sea, Cornwall has many miles of beaches and cliffs. 

The site is situated next to the Truro 'Park & Ride' terminal which offers 250 parks and links directly with the Truro train station. It is less than 30 minutes from the airport at Newquay, while the A390 runs directly in front of the site, connecting the stadium to the main A30 arterial route through the county. 

Stadium for Cornwall

Developing Cornwall's Communities

Stadium for Cornwall is a multi-use stadium and visitor complex that is designed to maximise the economic benefits to Cornwall, encourage participation in sports and be accessible to all.

Economic Benefits

The stadium will be a sporting, cultural and educational hub for Truro and the new community emerging on the outskirts of the town. It has the potential to deliver millions in economic benefits annually to the region and create hundreds of permanent jobs, in addition to the labour and expertise brought in to build the stadium.

Community & Sporting Benefits

The stadium offers more than rugby and football, it is a genuine community facility with multi-sport capabilities including archery, American football, hockey and rugby league. It will reach a broad swathe of the community. Each of the major users will use the stadium to forge deeper links with the community.

Tom Moran, Customer Development Manager said:

"As the only Outstanding College in Cornwall, we recognise the importance of inspiring education among our community. The Stadium for Cornwall will deliver significant benefits... continue to transform and lead the educational offer in Cornwall area and provide wider opportunities to young people and businesses across Cornwall."

"From the onset, there has been a vision behind the Stadium for Cornwall to develop further capacity to support the increasing needs from local Cornish employers in helping to address the skills gaps linked to business and economic growth in Cornwall. The Stadium for Cornwall will aid continued development of our employer partnerships even further and, in turn, provide greater opportunities for apprentices and students to gain real insights into a real life working environment, either through work experience opportunities or employment."

"Through conversations with our existing employer base excitement is gathering much more pace and local businesses and community groups have already expressed their interest in using the facilities the stadium has to offer. In my view, this reflects the strong need for such facility of this kind in Truro, which will also enable learners and employers to take advantage of the facilities and training opportunities, whilst the wider community will have a greater opportunity to enjoy some of the recreational events the stadium will attract."