Music Academy

The Music Academy offers opportunities to musicians of all styles and instruments, promoting a range of genres as part of the College’s musical culture.

What can I expect?

This is where you’ll get to take part in musical ensembles of all kinds. A jazz band, vocal group, string ensembles, brass group, steel pan band, flute ensemble and saxophone ensemble are our current activities. In addition, there is a music theory class which helps develop musicianship and leads to grade exams. We’ll ask you to be involved in at least two activities.

Who can join?

The Academy is a good fit for students who can read music to a reasonable standard (at least grade 4/5). Although potential students may be studying music on a course that requires the study of music in the classical western tradition, the Academy is also open to all students who have the necessary musical abilities and commitment.

What music will I play?

All kinds as long as it requires reading the dots! You can suggest music or composers you would like to perform. Most popular are film music, funk, jazz and musical theatre. Mozart always seems to have a place.

What’s the aim?

To enjoy playing and singing music, developing ensemble skills and performing concerts.

Participants in any musical activity must be available for public performance and will take part in at least two activities. The calendar of music performances will be published in September of the academic year and is likely to include at least four events for each performance group. Some groups may share participation in the same event.

It’s great for your CV, great for your UCAS reference and great fun!