A Level Accounting

You should be able to think in a structured and logical way; relish problem-solving with figures and have a strong desire for accuracy
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You will gain an excellent understanding of the processes and practices a business must undertake to safeguard its finances, the financial decisions it must make and the preparation of its financial statements to satisfy stakeholders. You will be introduced to and practice double-entry bookkeeping along with the production of financial statements. Students are expected to learn how to neatly produce financial statements when calculating the profit made by a business and also when accurately valuing a business. You are expected to produce and interpret your calculations and must be able to evaluate by making recommendations on how a business might improve its performance. 

Where will it take me?

Many students undertake accounting and finance degrees. Some universities require a specific grade in A Level Mathematics to go onto an Accounting/Finance degree. Students may apply directly to accountancy firms and may be able to undertake Apprenticeship training in conjunction with the AAT qualification.

A Level Accounting
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