A Level Business Studies

Plan on joining the world of work and industry? Whether it is setting up your own small business or working for a global multinational, many of the key areas of understanding and useful skills are introduced within this course.

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You will reflect upon the commercial world and how it impacts your daily life and future. You will explore how different businesses interact with consumers and competitors and how they make operational and financial decisions. This will help build on your understanding of what it takes to manage a business, the importance of the everyday decisions facing a business and how to consider a business’ finances. You will embrace the global environment that businesses now operate within and how a business’ strategy must consider technological, social, environmental and ethical influences.

Where will it take me?

Many universities highly value the qualification and it is a stepping stone to related topics such as business management, economics, marketing and accountancy. The course provides an excellent understanding of business concepts that will assist you within the commercial world, whether running your own business or as an employee.

A Level Business Studies 
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