A Level Computer Science

If you enjoy learning about the fundamental principles and concepts behind computer science and how software is engineered, then this course will stretch and challenge you.

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You will gain skills in a range of programming environments, how we use programming languages to solve problems, how digital technology is used, and the moral, ethical, legal and cultural opportunities and risks.

You will develop practical skills in a range of programming languages, principally Visual C# and Visual Basic.NET and perform Systems analysis, software engineering and program construction. You will learn how software interacts with hardware, data structures and processes and how the principles of hardware impact on software and data communication. You will also discover how software drives the digital economy and the implications of the digital revolution on society. 

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Computer Science complements many courses, such as Physics, Electronics, Mathematics, technology-related subjects or a future in programming, networking, business, engineering or banking. 

A Level Computer Science 
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