A Level Electronics

If you enjoy finding out about how electronic devices work and fancy designing your own circuits then the A Level in Electronics is for you.

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You may also be interested in computers and programming and these skills are taught on the course. You should already have good knowledge of maths and algebra. Having some experience of electronic design and technology would be advantageous. 

You will learn about blocks of circuits and constructing them and testing voltages and currents. You will look at timing circuits and how using capacitors and timer chips help us keep regular time and switch things on and off. You will spend time designing and testing power amplifiers as used in hi-fi and radio. You will discover how the basic microprocessor circuit works. You will learn to program the chips to perform tasks such as reading sensors, displaying information, and controlling robots. 

Where will it take me?

After studying electronics, you can progress to university to study a wide variety of electrical and electronic-based courses - from robotics to control systems, medical electronics to artificial intelligence, or just general electrical and electronic engineering.

A Level Electronics
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