A Level Fine Art

Do you enjoy drawing? Would you like to improve your skills and knowledge? Would you like the opportunity to see and understand the world in a different way?

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This course offers you the opportunity to develop creatively, either as a personally enriching interest or as part of your progression towards a career within the creative industries. 

You will develop key skills and knowledge fundamental to the world of art and design. During a series of workshops you will explore a range of two-dimensional materials and approaches, such as tone, mark making, ink, mixed media, colour and painting. You will explore how a range of modern and historic artists have communicated ideas about their imagery and techniques. Year two builds on your learning. Experimental drawing practical workshops are held throughout, encouraging you to take risks and work in new and different ways. 

Ella Frears in one of the art rooms holding her old College sketch book

Past student, Poet and Visual Artist Ella Frears shows her old Fine Art Sketchbook at an Alumni talk given to current students.

A qualification in Fine Art is highly valued by many universities and employers. As a 'Classic' subject it is applicable to progression in Art and Design as well as many other degree courses and career paths; including, amongst others, Architecture, History of Art and Advertising etc. The ability to think creatively is an increasingly desirable asset across all industries and this course will evidence that skill.

A Level Fine Art
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