A Level Geology

If you are fascinated by fossils and their evolutionary roots, which forces drive volcanoes and tsunamis, or perhaps you are concerned about the environmental consequences of the extraction of oil and gas and radioactive materials, then A Level Geology may be for you.

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You will investigate the Earth from its meteorite origins through to the range of rocks found in its different layers and surface environments. You will discover how geologists need a multitude of different skills to accurately measure and describe features in the environment and develop these skills through field trips in the UK and abroad. You will use geological maps and cross sections to investigate the difficulties of finding and extracting resources as well as studying the evolution of life on Earth and how geologists can use this knowledge to re-construct a geological timescale stretching back a billion years.

Where will it take me?

Geologists are required in the oil industry, mining, materials science, hydrogeology (water resources), civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, public services, geohazard prediction and mitigation, scientific research (e.g. climate change, seismology) and education.

A Level Geology
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