A Level Illustration & Graphics

Do you possess a lively, enquiring mind? Do you enjoy developing your ideas through drawing and utilizing a range of processes towards a final product?

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You will learn to develop design solutions, exploring the power of visual communication as an invaluable commercial tool. 

You will begin with a range of varied and challenging workshops, developing fundamental skills and knowledge integral to the world of illustration and design including a mix of traditional and contemporary processes. You will develop skills in industry standard software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Other aspects include typography, thumbnail sketches, layout design and mixed media. You will research a range of illustrative and graphic styles, applying this knowledge to develop your individual practice. 

Where will it take me?

You can progress directly from A Level to an arts degree such as Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Illustration, Games Design and Multi-Media Design. Employment as a graphic designer is the clearest route but this course also offers a way into illustration or, with further study, animation; you could work for the media, an advertising agency or design agency. 

A Level Illustration & Graphics (Truro College)
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A Level Illustration & Graphics (Penwith College)
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