A Level Law

Should suspected terrorists have rights? Should euthanasia be legalised? Can you really get away with murder? Can we trust our judiciary? Does ‘life’ really mean life? Are sentences too soft? If these are the kind of questions that interest you, then studying law can give you the answers.

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You will have the opportunity to examine the English legal system as well as areas of both private and public law together with developing an understanding of legal method and reasoning. You will be encouraged to engage fully and critically with current affairs, develop high-level skills in research, communication, analysis and debating together with experiencing the practical realities of advocacy by participating in the Bar National Mock Trial Competition. Previous trips include visits to Parliament, the United Nations in New York and the Truro Crown Court. Law is a natural partner to English and history as well as politics, psychology and sociology

Where will it take me?

Highly valued by many employers, studying law could not only lead to a career in the legal profession as a barrister, solicitor, legal executive or paralegal, but also to work in the commercial sector, business and finance, social welfare or politics.

A Level Law
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