A Level Physics

If you are interested in questions like “what happens if I go into a black hole?”, “what is a Higgs Boson?” and “what happens if I travel near to the speed of light?”, then this course will challenge you to consider these questions - and many more.

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Physics allows you to understand the fundamental structure of the universe from atoms (or smaller) to galaxies (or bigger) and how the matter within the universe interacts. You will discover that the same underlying physical laws can be applied from everyday situations such as electric circuits or theme park rides to complex situations like particle accelerators or black holes.

Where will it take me?

To study physics, electronics or engineering at degree level you will need A Level Physics. However, an understanding of physics is also desirable for Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Geology, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science and Environmental Science university courses. Studying the physical sciences at university level provides you with problem solving, communication, creativity and teamwork skills and opportunities in careers within many exciting fields of work including meteorology, finance, law and journalism.

A Level Physics
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