A Level 3D Design

Do you have an interest in modelling your three dimensional ideas using traditional materials such as card, wood, and expanded foam, but also wish to explore the possibilities of computer design and computer modelling? Develop creative practice and understanding of the wider design industries with Product Design and the Built Environment.

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You will begin with a variety of different workshops, working and modelling with wood, clay, wire and foam. Use creative technologies, CAD, 3D printing and laser cutting/engraving and wherever possible ensure the use of sustainable materials and processes. Throughout the course you will explore the rich history of design and learn from designers and architects both past and present. As well as being creative, there is a small written element. Varied experimental 3D modelling workshops encourage you to work in new and exciting ways while extending your learning and potential.

Where will it take me?

 A qualification in 3D Design is highly valued by universities and employers and is applicable to almost any progression in Art and Design. This course would be suitable for students interested in Architecture, Interior Design, Set Design and Sustainable Product Design. 

A Level 3D Design
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