Access to Community and Education

Access to Community and Education is a specialist learning programme designed to meet the educational needs of students with PMLD and SLD streamed via two pathways.

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ACE adopts a multi-sensory curriculum adhering to the principles of Sensology. The timetable denotes its sensory focus integrating a plethora of sense specific sessions. ACE tutors incorporate a range of techniques to ensure that the learning style of every student is met, these include: TACPAC, intensive interaction, body mapping, tactile signing, TEACHH, PECS and Makaton. We are able to access a wide range of facilities and experience the hustle and bustle of College life. The ACE course has three well-equipped teaching rooms, a sensory room and two personal care suites and a fully accessible kitchen area. Students have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sensory equipment such as the latest eye gaze technology, Skoog music and ultraviolet lighting. We offer an inclusive education programme developed by working with families, carers and multi agency professionals.

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You may have the opportunity to access Further Education opportunities or other appropriate placements.

Access to Community and Education
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