Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

An intensive one-year course that allows you to discover your creative potential by experiencing a wide range of art and design disciplines and that helps you to identify the creative path you wish to follow.

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This course is the established route to an Art and Design Degree programme from A Level, Extended Diploma and AVCE Art and Design courses, preparing you for the demands of specialist programmes in Higher Education. It will enable you to make an informed application to a specialist art or design degree course.

What will I do?

Explore the visual world through drawing, 3D and image making while experimenting with a variety of media.

Study art and design, discuss contemporary visual practice and investigate popular culture.

Plan and make creative designs, models, photographs, drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.

Participate in technical workshops, projects and regular life drawing classes.

Use study trips to galleries and artists’ studios to inform individual creative practice and broaden awareness of art and design approaches.

  • High staff/student ratio ensuring maximum support.
  • Wide range of facilities and specialist staff.
  • Excellent progression routes to a wide range of creative courses.
  • Lecturers are practicing artists and designers.
  • Excellent purpose built facilities, set in an inspiring country estate location.
  • Level 3 course that has been assigned Showcase Centre Status by ABC Awarding Body 2015-2018. 

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
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