Level 2 Diploma Site Carpentry

There are acute shortages in skilled tradespeople both locally and nationally. With hard work and dedication you can gain skills, security, satisfaction and ensure a stable future with qualifications in craft and trade areas.
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During the course, you will develop and practice the skills required for employment as a site carpenter. You will be studying the principles of construction, structural carpentry, non-structural carpentry prior to plastering, non-structural carpentry following plastering, timber technology, the use of a circular saw and many other tasks associated with the role of a modern site carpenter. You will use the various power tool and mechanical equipment associated with the trade to enable you to install joinery products in a ‘real world’ site carpentry environment.

Where will it take me?

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Site Carpentry as a full-time course or progress onto an Apprenticeship and/or employment within the construction industry

Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry
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