Level 2 Engineering

If you enjoy understanding how things work, problem solving and making things, a Progression 2 Engineering course can develop your skills and put you in a better position to work in the exciting field of engineering.
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Engineering today is one of the most creative and stimulating of occupations which will keep you constantly involved in emerging technologies and which will call on all of your skills and resources. Successful modern engineers are not just technically expert but are also first class communicators and team workers. For the resourceful and self-motivated engineer, the rewards can be excellent both financially and in job satisfaction.

Experienced engineers have high levels of job satisfaction as well as good levels of pay. This course is designed as stepping stone into the exciting and diverse world of engineering and the wide range of opportunities it offers.

You will be studying in our well-equipped classrooms and our hi-tech on-site engineering workshops, being trained on modern manual machines and state of the are CNC Lathes and Milling Machines.

You will be taught the technical and practical aspects of engineering manufacturing at our modern, industry standard workshops, gaining underpinning knowledge of how to solve a diverse range of engineering problems, being guided by our team of experienced and qualified tutors.

Level 2 Engineering
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