Jane Pettitt

A Level Archaeology, Classical Civilisation and Medieval History led me to Uganda, UCL and beyond!

At Truro College, I studied A Levels in Archaeology, Classical Civilisation and Medieval History during the day and Anthropology as a one-year evening course in the first year, alongside singing lessons and swimming membership. Thanks to the continuous support I received from staff, especially all of my lecturers, I gained valuable experiences within these disciplines such as fieldwork in archaeology where I was able to carry out my own fieldwalking project at Watering Lane Nursery, Eden Project, as well as my own ethnographic project which I later supplemented with research from Uganda through one of the College's Uganda trips.

Jane Pettitt, A Level Alumni

I was also given the chance to participate in the Corpus Christi Essay Competition, where I was very pleased to achieve a High Commendation for my Classical Civilisation essay from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University. This support enabled me to focus my passion for humanities on the study of humanity involving topics such as religion, politics, law, economics, personhood, evolution, human genetics and disease and I haven't looked back since.

I am currently studying at University College London (UCL) for a BSc degree in Anthropology as well as doing volunteer work at the UCL Ethnographic Collection. 

So far in my first year, I am building on the skills that I learnt during my A Level Anthropology and Archaeology at Truro College, placing me in a privileged minority situation as few of my peers have studied these topics previously.

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and benefits associated with it, such as having some of my lectures in the Natural History and British Museums and the unique opportunity to be an Assistant Curator at the UCL Ethnopgrahic Collections, where I have access to the multitude of objects that have amassed at UCL over the decades.

My most recent project with fellow Assistant Curator Alicka Machurich has been on the documentation of Interwar/WW2 Lantern slides. This fits within the context of the 100 years commemoration of World War One last year which has made these objects particularly poignant. Through joint efforts and research, Alicka and I were able to associate the slides as a collection connected to the British Red Cross Society. I have also recently been asked to write an article for the UCL departmental journal on this topic. 

Going to university at UCL to study Anthropology has been one of the best choices I have made so far and hopefully, this feeling will go on to continue throughout my degree. I plan to further my studies as a postgraduate, although I am still undecided on the specific path I will take. Currently, I hope to either further my knowledge on land law and usage, politics or medical anthropology.