Mike Saxton and Helen Lin

ESOL and CertTSEOL: From Taiwan to Truro and back again!

Love and ambition has seen a couple of student newlyweds travel from Taiwan to Truro and back again as they prepare for a new life overseas.

Mike Saxton and Helen Lin travelled especially to Cornwall to complete English teaching courses at Truro College after discovering the courses and the College online.

Helen, from Taipei, Taiwan studied ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to improve her English and help adapt to life in the UK whilst her husband, Mike Saxton from Barnet, London, studied CertTESOL to give him the ability to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Mike and Helen travelled from Taiwan to Truro to study ESOL and CertTESOL

Mike and Helen travelled from Taiwan to Truro to study ESOL and CertTESOL

Before studying their chosen courses at Truro College, both Helen and Mike lived and worked in Taiwan, where they met six years ago. Helen had worked at a hotel in her university's town in Taiwan for two years after she graduated, whilst Mike worked full time at JOU English for five years, at an English cram school which prepares students for high school and university.

Deciding they wanted a change, the pair returned to English where Helen studied ESOL straight away to improve her formal English; which would improve her potential job opportunities in Taiwan.

Talking of her Cornish learning experience, Helen said: "I really enjoyed the varied teaching style, I benefitted the most from the grammar lessons which were taught especially well."

The course as a whole has given me the confidence to interview in English and aim for better jobs. Now, I've returned to Taiwan with my husband with lots of hope for the future.

Helen Lin, ESOL Alumni

Mike studied CertTESOL with Truro College a few months later, to give himself the formal academic knowledge of teaching processes. 

"There were a lot of options for courses online, but the certification and the properly taught aspects of it really appealed to me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with the College and I'm pleased with everything I've gained from it.

"The CertTESOL course was hard work, though very rewarding and has improved my thought processes while teaching, including the quality of my planning. The taught classes were well balanced with tangible progression, and there was a really nice mix of classmates who all helped each other out.

"Teaching the lessons was a great experience, and the feedback was constructive and concise."

Getting this qualification, along with a fresher outlook on teaching has enabled me to be pickier with my choice of job, and choose one right for me.

Mike Saxton, CertTESOL Alumni

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