Helping businesses to bounce back

New funding and training to support recovery from COVID-19.

The new 2020/21 Business Training Solutions brochure is out now and details our Business Support Package. A new range of funding options, professional development programmes and Apprenticeship training to help businesses bounce back. 

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Emergency first aid training session

New professional courses for 2020/21

The 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE includes a new range of professinal courses and Apprenticeships for 2020/21.

Digital Marketing: The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of our businesses having an online presence and the ability to sell their products and services online.

The College has enhanced its digital marketing offer, building on its already successful courses and Apprenticeship to provide more training in this area.

From marketing planning and content creation to WordPress, SEO and Analytics employers will find everything they need for essential e-commerce listed in the 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE.

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Remote delivery started as a means of keeping us connected with employers and learners, so we could continue to deliver the College's Ofsted Outstanding learning experience amid social distancing and lockdown.

Feedback from learners and employers has been exceptional, as those based in all corners of our sometimes remote county have benefitted from the added convenience.

Our remote training model blends convenience with the quality you expect from Truro and Penwith College Business, with high levels of interaction, discussion, ideas and sharing best practice.

Visit our Remote Delivery page to find out more and look out for the Remote Delivery graphic when browsing courses in the new 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE.

Trainer helps group of learners
Screenshot of one of the College's remote delivery sessions

A remote delivery session

New range of Apprenticeship programmes

Truro and Penwith College Business believes Apprenticeships will play a key role in COVID-19 recovery thanks to significant government investment, the flexibility to train current staff or add capacity and the wide range of programmes available.

Thanks to a £695 million government scheme introduced in 2018 SME employers are only required to pay 5% of Apprenticeship training costs, and with large employers constantly building their Apprenticeship Levy, Apprenticeships are one of the most cost-effective training options.

DOWNLOAD THE 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE to view our new range of programmes. 

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A construction worker

Funding towards training costs

Training is a key part of supporting businesses to adapt and recover from COVID-19 and the College is pleased to be able to offer 50% funding for the majority of the courses in the new 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE, subject to eligibility.

Up to 80% funding is currently avilable for the College's suite of ILM Leadership, Management and Coaching courses, which not only allow leaders and managers to gain nationally recognised qualifications but also support them to overcome real workplace challenges.

Contact us to discuss the funding your business may be entittled to.

Fully funded pilot training

Many businesses have identified new opportunities, markets, or have adopted new working practices as a result of the challenges caused by COVID-19. The College has access to funding and grants that allows it to work in partnership with businesses to address emerging training needs through the development of new courses and free pilots to hone course content.

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New T Level qualifications for 2020/21

T Levels are new two-year technical and vocational courses coming in September 2020 and are equivalent to three A Levels. T Levels will combine classroom theory, practical learning and a 45-day industry placement to make sure students have real experience of the workplace.

If you can offer an industry placement you will benefit from; fresh ideas, new talent, a means of filling your skills gaps, opportunities for staff to develop mentoring and supervisory skills and the reputational benefits of supporting young people.

Find out more in the new 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE, Contact us or visit;

Smiling students working at computers

Digital Production Design and Development will be one of the new T Levels in September

Smiling student holding a practice baby

Childcare and Education another of the new T Levels.


A traineeship is a course that includes a work placement that can last from 6 weeks up to 6 months.

Traineeships help 16 to 24-year olds, or 25-year olds with an education, health and care (EHC) plan to prepare for an Apprenticeship or to start their career. A traineeship can give you the opportunity to offer work experience to a student with a view to offering them an Apprenticeship or T Level placement later.

Download the new 2020/21 BUSINESS TRAINING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE to find out more or Contact us.

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Truro and Penwith College Business has produced nine FREE online study skills webinars across two subject areas; Managing Change and Digital Marketing. The webinars are funded by the College’s ESF Innovation in Higher Level Skills project with more infomation availableon our Free Business Support page.

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