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Construction Students Transform Jewson’s Shopfront

Penwith College Construction Students Transform Jewson's Shopfront in Penzance

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Published Thursday 15 February 2024

What was once an empty and unused space at Jewson, Penzance has undergone a stunning transformation into a fully furnished seating area for customers thanks to Penwith College’s construction department.

Students had the opportunity to work with a real client, Jewson, Penzance to reimagine the space on the left of the store entrance, fitting three areas for customers to view and engage with Jewson products in realistic garden settings. This modern and dynamic display now complete with tables, a paved patio space, and an artificial grass section, all enclosed by tasteful wooden fencing enhances the overall shopping experience for potential buyers.

The student’s project began last year, putting their ideas onto paper and sketching out various designs to maximise the potential of the unused space. These concepts were presented to Jewson in Penzance, who then selected the final approved design.

Carpentry students got straight to work, collaborating with Jewson on the different materials required for the project. The collaboration then extended beyond the College’s Carpentry learners, as students joined forces with Bricklaying to skilfully install the patio floor.

Penwith College’s Construction programmes provide students with the opportunity to learn in industry-standard, simulated working environments, allowing students to perfect their skills in a supportive and practical space. With expert tutors with a wealth of professional experience, students build confidence in their learning to ensure they are well equipped when entering the workforce after College.   

Paved slabs and fake grass are neatly installed
Slabbed patio and fake grass installation.
Seating area and planters for Jewson staff and customers.

After completion of the project, Carpentry Lecturer, Ian Prowse said, “I am immensely proud of the students, their dedication and hard work on this project has been outstanding. These individuals will undoubtedly be valuable assets for any local builder seeking apprentices, showcasing not only their skills but also their passion for their trade”

The opportunity with Jewson allowed students to develop broader employability skills such as effective communication, staying organised and strong teamwork. Together, the students stepped outside their normal environment at College and experienced working confidently on this substantial project, involving a real client and interested customers walking by.

Penwith College’s ongoing and unique partnership with Jewson not only provides Construction students with valuable discounts on equipment but also opens doors to expert knowledge, engaging trips, and exciting opportunities that contribute to their overall career development.

Manager at Jewson, Ray Reynolds commented, “Jewson have been a proud partner of the Penwith College for a number of years. The importance always directed at supporting and developing new talent across the area of which the recent Landscaping project highlights the level of skill coming through. The construction industry is certainly in safe hands with a bright future.”

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