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When you join a Personal & Professional Development course, we’ll equip you with the confidence and the skill set that you need to succeed in an industry that suits you, and provide you with work placements to gain valuable experience.

An image of Jodie Stafford, Department Team Leader for Personal and Professional Development at Truro and Penwith College. She is wearing a brightly coloured scarf against a dark top and smiling at the camera.
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PPD at Truro and Penwith College is about unlocking potential in young minds, we focus on changing mindset, developing networks, enhancing skillsets, and supporting young people to transition into the world of work

Jodie Stafford - Department Team Leader, Personal & Professional Development at Truro College

unlocking potential

You will undertake a pathway of development tailored to your potential outcome. Our courses encompass professional skill acquisition, personal skill development and work-based learning/training.

We'll look at your skills and qualities and find you a work-based learning placement in an area of your choice, while our dedicated Work Placement Officer will support you with work-based questions.

You can try placements in various industries if you're unsure which career path you'd like to follow, and each placement enhances your CV with valuable experience and employer references.

Where will it take me?

You may undertake an Apprenticeship or gain full-time employment. For those seeking to move into the work environment, we will help with applications and support you with interview preparation via video analysis. You will be able to move into an Apprenticeship or employment at any point in the year or move into further learning the following academic year.

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College is a very big step but it is definitely worth it.

Aaron - Personal & Professional Development
Aaron O'Brien

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