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Hone a critical and questioning intellect through the debate, research and study of human history and behaviour. Our expert tutors will guide you through your chosen course.

Theory, practice and your potential

You will examine the complex ways in which human beings form relationships, societies and civilisations through your study of geography, sociology, history or the human mind. Theoretical learning will be enriched with practical applications, such as geographical fieldwork and archaeological excavations.

Across the humanities and social sciences department courses, you’ll learn a vast selection of transferable techniques and abilities that will be valuable in Higher Education and employment alike. Critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, observation and interpretation are just some of the talents that you will develop through your studies.

Flora Thomas Kamali Programme Team Leader
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In an increasingly complicated and interconnected world, it is essential that we encourage students to engage, collaborate and be critical of the information they consume.

Flora Thomas-Kamali - Programme Team Leader, Humanities & Social Sciences at Truro College

travel opportunities

Some of our courses offer the exciting opportunities to travel to destinations such as Iceland, Toronto, Swaziland and Rome. Take your learning to the global stage and explore other cultures and countries in relation to your chosen subject.


To prepare you for employment, we’ll also work on your broader employability skills, such as communication, organisation and teamwork, including an optional Functional Skills course.

supporting charity in africa

Truro and Penwith College's Geography department and the IB programme have been supporting the children and community of Shewula in eSwatini (formerly knows as Swaziland) since 2001 through The Shewula Orphans charity, with the main aim being the enablement of AIDs orphans and other vulnerable children in Shewula to access education.

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College is a nice bridge between school and University. It’s great way for you to gain your independence.

Kate Matthew, A Level Philosophy of Religion & Ethics and History
Kate Matthew

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