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Our extra-curricular enrichment programme offers something for everyone and embodies the values of our College community. It provides opportunities for students to develop friendships, new skills, confidence, resilience and to help them become fully prepared for their next steps and focussed on physical and mental wellbeing.

Enrichment for all

Truro and Penwith College prides itself on providing both an outstanding education and a fantastic student experience, giving the perfect platform for students to prepare for and succeed in the world of work or at university.

The Enrichment activities on offer to full-time students complement a full-time study programme and sit alongside our ethos of developing resilience and vigour to help everyone strive for and reach their highest aspirations.

Our Enrichment programme is divided into four main strands and is supported by our Accelerate and Oxbridge Programmes for academic achievers.


Click above to watch our film about the Enrichment programme and the many options available at Truro and Penwith College.

Specialist, sport, or something else

Enrichment at Truro and Penwith College is categorised into four groups:

Male Football Academy
What's it for and How do I apply?

As well as an opportunity to make new friends, focus on a hobby or add breadth to a chosen study option, the College's Enrichment programme is designed with end goals in mind.

Enrichment options are integrated into the College's Navigate platform, making up a student's personal, electronic Curriculum Vitae (CV) that will demonstrate the skills and experiences, including work experience, that have been completed during their time at College.

This 'E:CV' is transferable and can be taken with students once they leave college. It is also very useful for university applications, applying for employment or volunteering.

Attendance at Enrichment sessions will contribute to overall attendance figures. Enrichment is therefore a compulsory part of timetables on the following programmes:

  • All students studying the first year of an A Level programme (1.5 hours a week enrichment)
  • All Foundation and Extended Diploma students (BTEC, OCR and UAL) who choose to pick an option (1.5 hours a week Enrichment). If no option is chosen an additional 1.5 hours directed study session will be added to curriculums (2 sessions per week).

On all other programmes, students are encouraged to add an Enrichment activity if it fits around a timetable. If an option doesn’t fit, drop-in Health, Wellbeing and Sport Sessions (HWS) are available as an alternative.

Enrichment activities are integrated into timetables and designed to fit around a main programme of study.

Students should select one preferred Enrichment activity from the dropdown menu at the application stage via our application portal on the College website. If you do not choose an Enrichment option, you will be assigned to a study skills group.

Further discussions on any chosen Enrichment activity will take place at interview to ensure it is linked to career aspirations, engagement, and wellbeing.

Science TC 0004

The Accelerate Programme

Accelerate is our bespoke STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programme of enrichment for academically-minded A Level students with a passion for their subjects, excellent work-ethic and high ambitions towards competitive HE and university places.

Specialist Academies

Academic Academy 2
Extra Curricular Fashion 2

The Art & Design programme provides a range of opportunities for you to develop both your technical skills and your knowledge of the creative industries.

Enterprise Academy

Put your entrepreneurial skills to the test. Become the director of your own company and experience what it's like to set up and run a business.

ESports Academy 3

If you are a keen participant in online, multiplayer video games then the eSports Academy would be for you. Hone your skills and prepare for tournaments.

A member of staff demonstrates makeup on a model. Hair and Beauty enrichment.

This practical programme is a fun opportunity to utilise skills in your day to day life as well as a stepping stone into a career in the hair, beauty or fashion industry.

A business and law student looks through a book named Halsbury's Laws of England

Provides all aspiring legal professionals with an opportunity to develop their advocacy skills with qualified solicitors and barristers.

Staff and students of the marine academy in wetsuits at the beach releasing baby lobsters.

The Marine Academy enrichment programme is for anyone with an interest in the sea, ocean conservation and the protection of our local marine life.

Medics Academy

If you are interested in following a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science then the Medics' Academy is for you!

Extra Curricular Performing Arts

Offers opportunities to musicians of all styles and instruments, promoting a range of genres as a part of the College’s musical culture.

Science TC 0003

Our academies allow students to extend their understanding of a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based topics.

Business Finance Law 148

This is an ideal academy for those looking to take a gap year or  work overseas on ski resorts, at 18-30s campsites, or if you want to work as a transfer rep.

Competitive Sport Academies

Badminton Academy

All players, from beginners to county-level players, are welcome in the academy. Training and fitness sessions prepare you for competitive match play.

BasketBall Academy 1

The Basketball Academy can provide the quality coaching, player development and game experience to help players fulfil their ambitions and enjoy the game.

Cricket Academy

If you would like to join the Cricket Academy, you’ll need to be of club or county level with a deep commitment to cricket and strong desire to improve.

Elite Academy

These academies are designed to offer specialist training to exceptional athletes across a range of sports.

Male Football Academy

The Male and Female Football Academies are comprehensive training programmes designed to develop you physically, technically and psychologically.

Hockey Development Squad

Welcomes players of all levels, from beginners to national competitors. Whatever your ability, we’ll hone your skills and raise your standard of play.

Netball Academy 2

Netball players of all abilities are welcome in the Netball Academy, which enjoys close links with Team Bath. See your skills develop with our expert training.

Male Rugby Academy

Open to players of any standard, the Female and Male Rugby Academies are ideal for any fan of the sport and welcomes everyone who wants to improve and excel.

Tennis Academy

All students are welcome to join the Tennis Academy, from enthusiastic beginners to county and club-level. Improve your skills, have fun and compete nationally.

Extra Curricular Enrichment

Happy preteen girl volunteer with team delivering donation boxes and looking at camera, social care concept
Humanities Social Sciences PC 0003

If you want to develop study and research skills to support your studies and progression to university, this independent research project is for you.

Successful students at Penwith College with Oxford and Cambridge boards

Entry to the universities is particularly competitive, so the College has an intensive programme to support all Oxbridge applications.

Humanities Social Sciences 0001

Developing your study skills can help you feel more in control, better organised and can help you meet new challenges.

Recreational Sport & Games

Recreational Gym Enrichment 3

These provide an option to play sports or games each week but without having to commit to an academy, play competitively or travel to fixtures.

Clubs, Groups & Extras

In addition to our compulsory, timetabled Enrichment programme, we offer a range of opportunities where you can join like-minded students in clubs, groups and extras.

Trips & Travel 1

Promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. Meet likeminded people at a club or society or get involved in one of our many exciting College trips.


In addition to the enrichment opportunities, the College publishes a termly HWS programme with a wide range of activities that you can drop in for.

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