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We have created a start of year checklist so new and returning students, parents and carers can find all the information needed to make the start of term as seamless as possible. You can find this checklist and other important information in the Start of Year Guide.

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Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Enrichment options are wide and varied. While some focus on academic attainment other opportunities exist to develop new skills and to get involved in areas outside of the curriculum.

Automotive Essential Skills

Construction & Automotive Essential Skills for Life

This Enrichment option will consist of learning skills that are part of everyday life and will prepare you well for looking after your first vehicle and/or home.

Automotive: This weekly session will cover checking your tyre pressure, fluid levels, oil, water, brake fluid and washers. We will also cover an introduction to Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, routine checks, such as lighting and warning lights, changing bulbs, internally and externally, preparing for an MOT, removing and replacing a wheel, what to do in an emergency, windscreen cracks and chips and the legalities.

Construction: These sessions will include carpentry, cutting and shaping, using saws, chisels and hand planes as well as bricklaying, painting (gloss, eggshell and emulsions) and decorating. You will also learn electrical skills (basic electrics, wiring a plug, diagnosing and rectifying faults) and plumbing (basic plumbing, compression and plastic fittings and fixing a leak), and so much more!

Extra Curricular Creative Writing

Creative Writing & Journalism

In Creative Writing, you will be given the exciting opportunity to develop your own creative writing skills by entering a range of external competitions and using your imagination to devise unique stories, settings and characters.

You will explore how to devise a plot, how to structure your narrative and how to successfully integrate spoken dialogue into your writing.

We will work closely with you as you experiment crafting and adapting your writing within a range of genres, from short stories and novels to poetry and plays. As well as traditional forms, we can also try our hand at blogs, podcasts, print journalism and even dialogue in graphic novels!

By working both alone and through collaboration with others, you will learn how to edit your own work to maximise your potential as a writer. In addition to the lecturer’s guidance, you will receive advice by those working within the field; we will explore what publishers look for and ultimately support you in getting your writing out there.

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Greener & Fairer Futures

Are you passionate about social and environmental justice? Do you want to learn practical skills to become an active changemaker and tackle the issues affecting young people today in fair and inclusive ways? Learn ways to build stronger communities and develop projects for social or environmental change with other students! You will explore many of the big issues impacting society today and be equipped with the skills, language and principles to deal with conflict and harm.

International Film Club

Why should you attend the International Film Club? It pushes you out of your comfort zone, offering you different perspectives of the world. It awakens your imagination, bringing new ideas on filmmaking and storytelling.

Hollywood films can be very formulaic, often showing the society we already live in. World Cinema gives us new insights. It is a great way to explore countries, cultures and languages without having to buy a single plane ticket.

Here in Cornwall, it can feel like we are a million miles away from other lands and cultures. By learning about other people, it’s much easier to keep an open mind to diversity.

The International Film Club is a great boost to anyone studying or making UCAS applications to study Languages, Film Studies, Media, English, Photography, History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and many more.

Food, Budget, Currency, Healthy Eating, Savings

Introduction to Hospitality & Eating Well on a budget

This group will support students who wish to work in hospitality either part time or full time as a career path.

Working in hospitality enables you to develop core transferable skills such as confidence, communication, teamwork and customer service. As part of this activity, you will receive food safety and barista training to support applications for part-time work.

You will also be taught how to cook healthy, nutritious meals on a budget. This will be useful whether you wish to live independently, contribute to cooking at home or go away to university.

FdA Film, Media & Photography

Moving Image Techniques

Do you want to get into video editing? The Moving Images Techniques Study Plus helps you to develop video editing skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. With the help of the lecturer, you will learn the basics of editing using latest software options, such as Final Cut Pro.

Absolute beginners are welcome and for experienced learners there are opportunities to expand your existing filmmaking skills.

Extra Curricular Photography

Photographic Techniques

In this fascinating enrichment option, you will learn how to use DSLR cameras, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, which are great skills to have for anyone going into media or photography roles.

Further your knowledge of the basics of digital photography using latest software options. Absolute beginners are welcome! For experienced learners, there are opportunities to further develop your existing imaging skills.

Cleaning,Ecology, Social Issues, Volunteer, Beach


The Volunteering Group is a great way to express your interests and support the local community. You will be volunteering with charitable organisations such as Volunteer Cornwall to help develop the wellbeing of individuals, the environment, and communities in Cornwall.

You will be doing specific training that focuses on developing your communication, organisational, leadership and interpersonal skills.

For certain projects and organisations, such as Active Cornwall, you will be completing professional qualifications such as first aid to prepare you for working with the Cornwall School Games Project.

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