Start of year guide

We have created a start of year checklist so new and returning students, parents and carers can find all the information needed to make the start of term as seamless as possible. You can find this checklist and other important information in the Start of Year Guide.

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study skills

Study skills are vital to all students, enabling you to make the most effective use of your time, whatever your subject area.

Why choose Study Skills?

Everyone can develop and improve study skills – whether you’re retaking your essential GCSEs or on your way to Oxbridge. Some key skills are time management, revision and using electronic resources, reading and writing skills and critical thinking.

Developing your study skills can help you feel more in control, better organised and can help you meet new challenges as you progress through your learning journey. Stress is a big enemy of effective study and feeling in control lessens stress. And, don’t forget, many study skills are transferable to the world of work. Developing the capacity to communicate effectively and meet deadlines are two skills employers really value.


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