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STEM Academies

Our academies allow students to extend their understanding of a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based topics, beyond the scope of the classroom lectures. If you are interested in the Accelerate Programme you will need to join at least one of the STEM academies. Some academies also provide an opportunity to compete in subject specific competitions each year.

paramedic bringing patient to hospital

Allied Health Academy

The Allied Health Academy is here to help improve your understanding of careers in health-related disciplines, to guide you through the process and to optimise your chances of receiving an offer in this very competitive industry.

We also work closely with local employers to help students acquire relevant work experience, which is key to a successful application, and develop key skills required for your intended profession. You will learn about the application process and the different types of courses that are available.

In the second year, you will receive advice on writing personal statements and strategies for interviews. After your application has been submitted, you will have the opportunity to take part in mock interviews to help you prepare for the real thing.

Science TC 0002

Biology Academy

Current issues in the news, recent publications and cutting edge research can be debated, discussed and investigated. The British Biology Olympiad challenges and stimulates students with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents. It enables students to demonstrate their knowledge and to be suitably rewarded and publicly recognised by the award of medals, certificates and other prizes.

Competing in the Olympiad or similar competitions will encourage students already interested in this valuable, wide ranging and rewarding subject to continue their study beyond A Levels or the IB Diploma.

Science TC 0003

Chemistry Academy

Chemistry students can be entered for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Lower Sixth competition at the end of their first year. The first round is a written exam that is sat in June, and those who perform best will win an invitation to a residential camp at the University of Cambridge at the end of August. 

Second year students work towards competing in the Royal Society of Chemistry: UK Chemistry Olympiad. Round one consists of a challenging written​ test of chemical knowledge, which is sat in January. The top-performing students from participating UK schools are chosen by the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad Selection Committee to progress to round two.

Questions are based on​ real-world chemistry problems that often stimulate much debate, raising awareness of what chemistry is all about. This is also an opportunity to develop and showcase some of the skills required for studying chemistry at​ university and beyond.

Computing IT TC 0002

Computing Academy

This academy will focus on working in the Unity game development engine. Unity is a cross-platform development environment for applications such as Triple A games, mobile games, VR and AR applications. This academy will closely follow the Unity Learn syllabus and allow learners the opportunity to work towards industry recognised qualifications for Unity development. 

There are many roles in the game development industry and this academy will focus primarily on the programming side of the industry, with the core language being C#. An interest in the underlying aspects of mathematics and physics in game development would also be recommended for those learners interested in this academy.

Maths Academy 2

Maths Academy

Discover the extraordinary world of Truro College Maths Academy, where we go above and beyond to elevate your mathematical journey.

Immerse yourself in thrilling project-based competitions like "The Student Investor Challenge" - an opportunity to test your skills as a future investor, engage in the mind-boggling "Maths Bombe" and conquer fiendish mathematical problems that will push the limits of your intellect. Join us in unravelling the enigmatic "National Cipher Challenge" and put your code-cracking abilities to the ultimate test. And that's not all!

Throughout the year, we delve into captivating puzzles and explore fascinating areas of mathematics that will captivate your imagination. Unleash your mathematical prowess and embark on an unforgettable adventure at Truro College Maths Academy. 

Medics Academy

Medics' Academy

The process of applying to highly competitive medics' courses has multiple stages and can be confusing - the Medics' Academy is here to help guide you through this process and to optimise your chances of receiving an offer.

The Medics' Academy is run in partnership with students from Exeter Medical School as part of the Widening Access initiative. We also work closely with ex-academy members at all stages of their careers, Foundation year doctors, GPs, dentists and vets to give you the widest exposure to careers in this field.

Science TC 0009

Physics Academy

Students have the opportunity to enter a number of competitions each year. The competitions include the British Physics Olympiad Competition which rewards excellence in physics through solving complex physics problems and the British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project where students work either in​ groups or individually on an open experimental brief set by the British Physics Olympiad. Projects are written up and the best one in the College is submitted for​ the national competition.

We also support individual competitions that involve researching and developing investigative and theoretical skills and presenting ideas.

A Level Environmental Science TC

STEM Research Academy

Research and innovation are at the heart of this academy. Whether you are interested in finding a sustainable alternative to aviation, cosmic mining, particle physics, ionic liquids or understanding the maths behind Covid-19, this academy will provide a space for you to delve deeper into real life data, develop your research skills and present your findings at the summer student conference.

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Millie took the opportunity to join the College's Allied Health Academy as an addition to her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Biomedical Science, and found the career path she wanted to take through attending informative lectures.
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Tara’s Story

With the support of the College’s Medics Academy Tara has received an offer to study Medicine at university in pursuit of her dream career.
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Abi had the confidence to apply for Medicine thanks to the Medics Academy and the help of her tutor, Emily, and has been successful in securing offers at top universities.
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Harry has taken part in various extracurricular activities offered at Truro and Penwith College, alongside his A Level studies, to aid his application to university.
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