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We have created a start of year checklist so new and returning students, parents and carers can find all the information needed to make the start of term as seamless as possible. You can find this checklist and other important information in the Start of Year Guide.

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In addition to our compulsory, timetabled Enrichment programme, we offer a range of opportunities where you can join like-minded students.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group (edi)

Our ethnic diversity group meets bi-weekly. Come and join us to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

This group seeks to celebrate diversity through a range of activities and events. Past sessions have included cultural art-based workshops, sharing of experiences of growing up in other cultures and sharing of culture through food and cooking.

This group is led by the members so there is flexibility in content, in line with the interests, talents and needs of the group members.

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Equestrian Group

The College Equestrian Group is for anyone with their own horse who loves to compete in Equestrian competitions.

Our Equestrian Team competes across Cornwall in competitions and has a supportive, friendly atmosphere. Make friends with likeminded people and develop your skills as a rider and improve your horse’s experience.

LGBTQ+ Group

If you have questions about your sexuality or gender identity, or if you want to take part in discussions surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, come along to the LGBTQ+ Group.

The group is friendly, welcoming and accepting of people of all sexualities and gender identities, and each week we will discuss recent topics regarding LGBTQ+ rights and the community.

The group is a great way to meet people like yourself and to feel accepted in your identity.

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Faith Group

If you have questions regarding faith, come along to the Faith Group. The Faith Group is an open drop-in session, available in our prayer and contemplation room with visiting local chaplains. All faiths are welcome.

Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organise student events and activities.

They have direct dialogue with both the student body and Senior Management Team and can use this to affect change in policies and practice.

Currently, they are working on supporting certain campaigns such as Sexual Violence Awareness Day or World Kindness Day. The Student Governor is in the student council, and they work directly with the Colleges’ Governors.

Students choose to join the Council as they want to make positive change to their own and their peers’ experience. They also are keen to promote an inclusive environment within the College with equal opportunities for all.

Students involved with the Council benefit from being able to talk about their role and impact in their UCAS statements and during interviews. Both universities and employers appreciate the experience the Student Council gives learners to develop and evidence their ability to make impact in a professional forum.

College Trips & Travel

Across the academic year, there are numerous opportunities for you to attend local, national, and international trips and visits. Most, but not all, are associated with curriculum, some are more widely offered across College.

Examples include visits to and collaboration with national art galleries and design museums, sports fixtures and professional games across the UK.

Sports visits to Dallas, Europe and widely in England; half term ski trips to European destinations; Languages trips to France, Greece and Spain; Geography trips to Iceland, Toronto and eSwatini; Geology trips to the Jurassic coast; visits to the Eden Project; Media Studies and Business trips to New York; Travel and Tourism cruise experiences; Engineering and Motor Vehicle Studies visits to national Motorsports events and the Space Centre; Performing Arts shows staged in professional theatres in Falmouth and beyond; Foundation Studies visits to London and participation in the Jubilee Challenge event in Ten Tors.

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