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Engineering students get a taste of an Imerys career

Truro & Penwith College engineering students got a snapshot of the wide range of careers available at Imerys - thanks to a tour by the local employer.

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Published Thursday 11 July 2024

Ten engineering students were shown around the kaolin processing plant at Par Dryer & EMC  by Engineering Manager – UKP Drying Process – Mike Haspell and Site Engineer Alan Berry. Both kindly donated their time to the next potential crop of apprentices.

Student Bill said: “It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes at Imerys and find out what they do and where their products go.”

Carter, a fellow student added: “I was impressed by the size and power of the machines, it was great to be shown around and see how the plant works.”

The students enjoyed the site engineering workshop as they could recognise some of the machinery they have used in college, such as the lathe and welding equipment.

Teacher Andy Whitehouse said: “Getting students into industry environments is so important so they can see firsthand what it’s like and what’s involved. The trip definitely inspired some of the students and will have an impact on their vision for the future, a big thank you to Imerys for allowing the students the opportunity.”

Clare Sleeman, Talent and Administration Manager at Imerys said: “Imerys is proud to offer the next generation of engineers the opportunity to see and learn about Imerys career opportunities and plant tour  giving them an insight into how the machinery works and in an industrial setting. Thanks to Mike and Alan and also to Truro & Penwith College students for visiting us.  We welcome the opportunity to host more students in the future.”

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