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Law students raise the bar

The jury’s reached its final decision. Truro and Penwith College's law students are the best in the South West.

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Published Tuesday 12 December 2023

It was all smiles as Truro and Penwith College’s budding barristers won the regional round of the prestigious law competition, National Bar Mock Trial.

Collecting their prize at the University of Plymouth the fifteen strong A Level Law and Law Academy cohort cheered from the public gallery as they found out the result, which takes them on to London for the national final at the iconic Old Bailey.

Justice was served as an outstanding performance by Truro and Penwith College achieved the highest score on the day as the amateur advocates played the roles of legal professionals and witnesses in two different cases in front of, and scored by, real judges.

Real legal professionals judged the law students.

Commenting on her court appearance law student Bella said:

“I gained a better understanding of what the work of a barrister is actually like and how to organise a case and think on your feet. Meeting the judges and barristers and hearing their feedback was an incredibly valuable experience.”

Fellow law student Carol praised the whole team:

” It allowed us to work as a team in the preparation for the competition, creating new friendships and a better understanding of others’ opinions.”

Terrina Dursley, Programme Lead for Law at Truro and Penwith College, expressed her pride for the winning team:

“A well-deserved win! The students prepared meticulously, rehearsed for hours and performed to an exceptional standard. I am unbelievably proud of their achievement.”

Tutors Terrina and Emma proudly show the winning trophy along with former winner Emily.

One of the organisers of the event and now completing her pupillage with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was Truro and Penwith College Law alumna, Emily. Emily won the same competition with the College five years ago. She was called to the bar earlier in the year and is living proof of the progression pathway open to students in the legal profession when they leave Truro and Penwith College.

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