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Passion for Education and Research Ignites Inspiring Academic Journey

Education and Training Lecturer Sasha publishes research whilst studying for doctorate

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Published Friday 1 December 2023

Sasha Tregneza, a dedicated lecturer at the University Centre Truro and Penwith and Truro and Penwith College, recently co-authored and published a research article and book chapter, showcasing her passion for education and research.

Throughout her diverse decade-long career spanning early years, primary education, and higher education, Sasha’s commitment to staying current with the latest research has shaped her understanding of evolving educational practices, approaches, and policies. She expressed: “I have always had a passion for learning, both in expanding my knowledge and igniting enthusiasm in the classroom.”

In her dual role as a Lecturer in Education and Training and as a Doctoral Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Plymouth, Sasha has not only imparted her expertise but has also delved into the world of educational research. Teaming up with University of Plymouth colleague Verity Campbell-Barr, they explored the adaptability of high-quality education in the face of unprecedented times, as seen in their research article on ‘Quality early childhood education and care in a time of COVID-19.’

The pair also collaborated on a chapter in ‘Early Childhood Education: Current Realities and Future Priorities,’ examining the past, present, and future trajectories of early years curriculum, tracing philosophical influences, and advocating for a sustainable, child-centred approach.

Reflecting on the impact of their research on her teaching, Sasha shared, “I’ve been fortunate to bridge the gap between theory and practice, gaining firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities educators face.

“Having work published is very humbling and rewarding, I hope my contribution within the field of early years and education will support, inspire and guide our learners to become influential educators of the future, aspiring them to reach their full potential.”

She added: “I believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and my journey in education has been a testament to that belief. From sparking a love for learning in the youngest minds to guiding aspiring educators, I have witnessed the transformative power of education. I am thankful to have supportive teams and look forward to continuing my academic journey whilst lecturing within a subject I am passionate about.”

Currently completing her Doctorate in Education alongside her research and teaching roles, Sasha continues to inspire students encouraging them to embrace curiosity whilst contributing to the field of educational research.

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Tregenza, S., & Campbell-Barr, V. (2023). Quality early childhood education and care in a time of COVID-19. Journal of Early Childhood Research.

Campbell-Barr, V. and Tregenza, S. (2023) ‘ Early years curriculum: past, present and future trajectories’, in Nutbrown, C. (ed.) Early Childhood Education current realities and future priorities. London: SAGE Publication Ltd, pp. 13 -24.

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