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Sustainable Careers are a focus for the College Job Shop team

Truro and Penwith College is focusing on sustainable careers, making students aware of the forthcoming changes and opportunities

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Published Tuesday 14 December 2021

“I’m really passionate about environmental issues,” says Katarina Berge, the Careers Adviser based in the Job Shop in the Mylor Building at Truro College. “Some students start off thinking that this isn’t relevant to them, but by the end they are really interested and realise it does.”

Along with Lucy Sage, the Job Shop Coordinator, Tim Moody, the Careers Coordinator and Tracey Johnson, Careers Adviser, Katarina is part of a team bringing not only state-of-the-art careers advice and guidance, but also new knowledge and direction on the upcoming future trends in the world economy and across all industries, making careers advice extremely relevant, up-to-the-moment, and ‘future proof.’

Katarina has developed a presentation for tutor groups. “Some students are unaware of the opportunities available,” she says. “Cornwall has natural resources, inward investment, a lot of opportunities in renewable energy, including geothermal projects and offshore wind.

“New opportunities are coming, in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), but also in all other areas aside from STEM. Sustainability is something that will have to be part of every organisation. Every industry and business will have to conform to new low-carbon and sustainability regulations, impacting all areas that underpin a business.

“I’ve recently attended a ‘Friends of the Earth’ Skills Summit. It is possible that industries and society will not be able to adapt fast enough to meet commitments for 2050. Sustainable careers affect everyone, every future career.

“The current climate crisis and the need for the UK to reach the goals set out by COP26 will give rise to a range of new and exciting careers within the green sector.

“Sustainable opportunities are increasing in non-science areas such as business, law, marketing, travel & tourism, finance, creative sectors and teaching.

“Many traditional degrees or apprenticeships in engineering, agriculture, forestry, chemistry, ecology, biology, IT, business or law will feature, but more specialised subjects such as renewable energy engineering, environmental science, agronomy, food science, materials science and sustainable tourism management are becoming increasingly relevant.”

Lucy Sage, the Job Shop Coordinator, says: “I’d like to raise the profile of the Job Shop with all students and staff at the College and with local industries.

“My role is as the first point of contact for students, and we can help with CVs, interview and employability skills and tips, helping students search for and find part-time jobs, help with work placements and apprenticeships, and our Careers Advisors can provide career advice and guidance, and we all signpost to other information, guidance and support.”

Lucy previously worked in events management, was a teacher, and ran her own businesses. “I used to work for Greenpeace and the National Trust, and was promoting sustainability and environmental-thinking in a previous business I ran. I’ve worked in many professional areas, so have a plethora of knowledge.” She also provides pro-sustainability information staff and students, supporting students in accessing employment with sustainable companies.

“The whole ‘green jobs’ thing will be a big thing even more so in the future. Students’ work placements will be more and more connected to that also. I’m promoting an understanding of everyone’s personal responsibility to be sustainable.

“We want to support learners into great jobs, locally, nationally and internationally. We also assist students in getting part-time jobs. Recently a student wanted part-time work, and I directed her to a vacancy at Tesco’s that I had seen, then she got it, and it all happened in about half a week. These roles can be very positive for the student. We also arrange volunteering for people who don’t have experience, so they can get some.”

“Our long-term aim is that students will be inspired, knowledgeable and aware to carry out their own research for their career journey,” adds Katarina. “We hope to empower students.”

View the location of the Job Shop in the Mylor building here and find out more about the Job Shop here.

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