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University Centre awarded TEF Silver

The University Centre was praised for it's high level of student support and progression opportunites.

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Published Tuesday 21 November 2023

The University Centre Truro and Penwith has achieved a Silver rating in the 2023 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) thanks to the inspirational teaching, research and innovative practices of its staff.

The University Centre’s student experience was judged to be of a “very high quality” while its curriculum was recognised as “aligning with local skills needs, informed by its engagement in a matrix of networks.”

Emily Myatt, Head of the University Centre Truro and Penwith, said the TEF result was, “a fantastic testament to the quality of teaching and learning at the University Centre alongside our continual drive to ensure our university level courses are best preparing our students for careers of the future.

Cleeve Jenkins, Deputy team leader at the University Centre added: “That the University Centre was also highlighted for the very high-quality support for staff and students, not just during their studies but also in allowing them to succeed in and progress beyond their studies was the icing on the cake.

“Thank you to our amazing staff for all they do to make our students’ time at the University Centre Truro and Penwith so positive, preparing them to move into successful careers.”

Other qualities highlighted in the report include the, “very high rates of progression for the College’s students and courses”; “very high rates of continuation and completion” and the University Centre’s commitment to ensuring a, “supportive environment (where) its students have access to a wide and readily available range of outstanding quality academic support tailored to their needs.”

The University Centre’s Silver overall rating lasts for four years until 2027 and is awarded by the Office for Students (OfS), which runs the scheme.

The OfS said the TEF “aims to encourage higher education providers to improve and deliver excellence in the areas that students care about the most: teaching, learning and achieving positive outcomes from their studies”.

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