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University Centre Students unveil ‘Metamorphosis’ Exhibition

The showcase demonstrated skills the students have honed throughout their time on the Foundation Degree.

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Published Tuesday 13 February 2024

A group of talented second-year FdA Film Media and Photography students from the University Centre Truro and Penwith united to present a captivating exhibition titled ‘Metamorphosis,’ at Grays Wharf, Penryn, captivating audiences from January 17 to 20.

The exhibition served as a dynamic showcase, featuring a diverse range of works that artfully demonstrated the skills these students have honed throughout their time on the Foundation Degree. ‘Metamorphosis’ offered visitors a unique glimpse into the artistic journeys of these emerging talents.

The exhibition represents the culmination of months of hard work, creative exploration, and collaboration among the students. The group hosted a special ‘After Dark’ celebration, inviting friends and family to revel in an evening dedicated to creativity, innovation, and transformation.

From thought-provoking film to visually stunning photography series, the exhibition was a testament to the students’ dedication, passion, and artistic vision. Each piece reflects each student’s personal interpretations of change, growth, and evolution, both on a personal and societal level.

Sam Peters, one of the students exhibiting his work, explained: “One idea I had was the fluidity of emotions we feel and how they can shape us. For me, metamorphosis can be understood in several ways.”

Sam’s pieces depicted how diverse feelings can be portrayed through photography, with a focus on men’s mental health and how simpler things can evoke the strongest emotions.

Fellow student Meg Noon decided to centre her work around sea pollution, aiming to portray the issue of marine life washing up onto our shores, using human models to prompt a shift in perspective. She said: “I wanted to show off something meaningful and something ‘us’ humans need to change.”

The Exhibition forms part of a module that emphasises individual planning, promotion, and production, reflecting the courses practical and industry-oriented approach. Focusing on developing higher-level skills in areas such as media, film, photography, and digital content, the foundation degree equips students with academic and practical skills to specialize in their chosen field.

Whether exploring the impact of social change, the beauty of nature’s transformations, or the personal journeys of self-discovery, ‘Metamorphosis’ offered something for everyone to connect with and contemplate.

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