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Art & Design Academy

The Art Academy provides a range of opportunities for you to develop both your technical skills and your knowledge of the art and design creative industries.

What can I expect?

Members of the Art and Design Academy will be able to take part in specialist workshops delivered to extend your experience of processes and materials, which you will be able to use directly or transfer into your course work. Regular talks from practitioners within the creative industries will stimulate and confirm your interest as well as giving you a flavour of life as a working arts professional. Workshops will develop skills in a range of technical specialisms providing extensions to your work in portfolios suitable for applications to both Degree and Foundation courses.

Creative industry talks will give you an insight into the life of practitioners, drawing them from both outside as well as within the area. Opportunities are available for students to work with galleries and museums on a range of different themes from contextual referencing and workshops to competitions.

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At College, you have the opportunity to learn and do something you can’t do at school, and learn a skill that is completely different. The Jewellery pathway is a nice, creative outlet.

Gwen - A Levels and the Art & Design Academy
UAL Level 1 Diploma In Art, Design And Media

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