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We have created a start of year checklist so new and returning students, parents and carers can find all the information needed to make the start of term as seamless as possible. You can find this checklist and other important information in the Start of Year Guide.

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GCSE Results
Guide 2023

This is your guide to GCSE results week and the start of term. Here you will find useful information including how to submit your GCSE results online, accessing our advice sessions and what to expect on your first day. If you're thinking about starting with us, it isn't too late to apply for courses starting this September.

Submit your results and confirm your place

It is essential that you enter your results and confirm your course choice online as early as possible on the day of Thursday 24 August and by 5pm at the latest.

You need to access the Results page via the College Portal. You can access this on your mobile phone, home computer or laptop. If you have already completed an application with us please log in with the details you registered with. If you don't have a log in please register yourself and complete an application.

You will need the following information with you when you enter your results:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Student ID number
  • Home postcode

You will be able to:

  • Enter your results
  • Confirm your choice of course
  • Request a call back to discuss your options

We will confirm your course choice by email or call you back if it is necessary. Please contact Admissions with any questions.

A student smiles at the camera as she sits in front of a computer sat in one of the college's study centres.

Please note: If you are not due to receive any results this year, you will still need to contact us at the given time to confirm your course choice. Any course choices or changes can be discussed on GCSE/Level 2 Results Day and Course Confirmation Day.

GCSE Advice Sessions

Received your GCSE results and need advice on what's next? Come to an advice session and speak to a friendly member of staff about your options. Sessions are being held at the Truro campus and Penwith campus. Click the buttons below to find out more about these sessions.


truro and penwith GCSE students can access their results here

Truro College Induction for first years

You must attend your induction. First year Vocational & Occupational students will have their induction on Monday 04 September. All A Level and IB students will have their induction on Tuesday 05 September. You will receive an email/letter from the College to confirm the details of your induction.

Penwith College Induction for first years

You must attend your induction. Students will have their induction on Tuesday 05 September. You will receive an email/letter from the College to confirm the details of your induction.

English and Maths results

Any student achieving a Grade 3 or lower in English and/or Maths will be required to continue to study those subjects at an appropriate level as an integral part of their study programme (NB English Language or English Literature is accepted as an entry requirement).

If you are a new student joining us you can retake your English and/or Maths through your school in November. If you are a returning student you can retake your English and/or Maths with the College in November.

As you know, we always want to do the best we can to meet the needs of our students, so if you have any problems or need more information, please let us know.

Enrichment Options

The College has an extensive enrichment programme which includes a wide variety of options to support your personal development and next steps. This includes specialist academies, sport academies, extra-curricular skills development and recreational sport and games.

You should have selected your choice at interview, but if for any reason you need to change your choice, or have not yet selected your choice, please contact the Admissions team. You can find the teams contact details here.

An email will be sent detailing pre-season training and kit requirements for the sports academies, please look out for this if you have or are planning to sign up for one of these. Please note your chosen enrichment option will be added to your timetable for weekly attendance.

General FE PC 0009

Start of Term

The start of term for first years at both Truro and Penwith will be on Thursday 07 September at 9.15am, when you will spend the first session with your tutor. You need to bring a copy of your GCSE certificates with you for our records.

A green bus with Truro and Penwith College branding on the side of it sits in the bus bay at the College.


You must be in possession of a bus pass before you start College. If you do not hold a bus pass you will be required to pay the fare to the driver on the day. You can read more on our Transport page.

Three students sat working at a classroom table with books and notepads in front of them. They are all wearing bright student lanyards.

Student Lanyards

You will need to wear your ID card at all times in College. We will provide you with a ‘Truro & Penwith College Student’ lanyard for this purpose and it will also be needed to enter buildings.

General FE TC 0044

Student Photo

If you haven't been to College for an interview and had a photo taken, then you will need to upload a suitable and appropriate photograph of yourself before your induction. You can do this on the College Portal.

Important Information for Students and Parents/Carers

You will be able to borrow a significant amount of books and possibly equipment during your time at College. We therefore ask that you pay a deposit of £30 in advance of coming to College. The payment page can be found on the College Portal.

Timetables will be issued on 07 September. The College day starts at 9.15am.

If you are unwell or unable to attend College, please ask your parent or carer to use the Report an Absence page on the website.

Please note that we will have an automated number plate recognition system in place from September. You will need to be eligible and have purchased a student parking permit to use the College car parks. Further details will be given at induction.

The College has a roaming Wi-Fi system which you will be able to log into for free access.

If you would like a locker in which to store your books etc. then please bring a £5 cash deposit and see the curriculum secretary who will provide you with a locker. This can be done from 08 September onwards.

Truro and Penwith College is a no smoking and no vaping campus. We promote a smoke-free environment to support the wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors. E-cigarettes/vapes are not to be used within College buildings or grounds. We appreciate your adherence to supporting good air quality for all in our educational environment. Staff, students and visitors are asked not to smoke / vape elsewhere on College sites or on the pavements or roadways near College buildings. Read our Smoke Free Campus Policy here.

We adopt a Behaviour Policy which can be found here. Please note that we like to create a campus culture which is friendly and supportive but one that is respectful of others and property. All students agree on starting at College to adhere to a Student Code of Conduct.

As a student you are entitled to wear appropriate clothing to College, as long as it meets the health and safety standards of your course. Please ensure anything you wear is respectful and has appropriate coverage of skin. Don’t wear anything that may be considered to be offensive to others e.g. slogans on T-shirts.

In order to ensure 100% attendance, please do not book holidays during term time to ensure the highest possible level of achievement on your course. Read our Term Dates here.

The College operates a cashless catering system. You are encouraged to bring cash on your Induction Day to load to the ID cards which we will provide. You can also use debit cards for contactless payments if you prefer. Mylor Refectory will be open on the student induction days and all FE catering areas will be open across the College from the start of term.

Parents/Carers will be sent a welcome video about College life on induction day. You are additionally invited to attend an online meeting (virtually) with the Personal Tutor should you wish to discuss anything confidential or support your child/ward’s transition into College and details will be forwarded in September.

We encourage parents to utilise our Parent & Carer areas on the website for any FAQ’s.

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