James Barrett

FdSc Computer Technology

James Barrett’s progression into I.T. stems from a personal enjoyment of the subject that he developed at a young age. Remembering how computers were when he was just six years old, his interest in the subject has continued to grow in the same way that technology continues to advance. 

James Barrett, FdSc Computer Technology student at Truro and Penwith College

James has enjoyed computers and technology from a young age

Beginning with the Truro College Software Engineering Diploma, James then took a year out to volunteer and is now in his first year of the FdSc Computer Technology course. Choosing to relocate from Falmouth to Truro in order to gain the full student experience, James has found student support invaluable in helping him with his student finance.

The best thing about Truro College is the staff because they’re really dedicated to what they do and they go above and beyond what’s in their job descriptions.

Aware that the FdSc Computer Technology course opens the door to a variety of career opportunities, James is currently torn between the idea of pursuing a career in cyber security and teaching at College level. For now, he is focused on enjoying his experience at Truro College and benefitting from the smaller class sizes and the 1-1 support provided by lecturers: “The classes are great with only 15 people in each group. I love my classes; I wouldn’t want to be doing anything differently.”