Natasha Richards

FdA Childhood Education

Upon completing her A Levels at Truro College, Natasha Richards started an Apprenticeship at a nursery in Mount Hawke. Discovering a natural passion for looking after people, being creative and planning sessions, she was promoted to Deputy Manager.

Following a seven month hiatus spent travelling, Natasha returned to manage a branch of a nursery in Penryn. It was here that she was urged to apply for a University Course when she noticed that, despite her strong work ethic, there was a pay gap based on education status.

I worked really hard for a year until I realised that everyone I was working with was earning a lot more money than me because they had degrees. From then I knew that I wanted to go back into education and get a degree of my own.

As six years had passed since Natasha completed her A Levels, she was both nervous and excited about her return to study. She has now found that her life experience has given her the motivation to succeed: “If I had done this course straight after my A Levels, I probably wouldn’t have done as well, particularly because I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career!”

Now in her second year of the FdA Childhood Education course, Natasha has found many benefits to studying at Truro College: staying at home has saved on accommodation costs; her flexible timetable enables her to work alongside study and the College presents a wealth of opportunities to gain extra-curricular experience to impress future employers.     

Natasha Richards, a FdA Childhood Education student at Truro and Penwith College

Natasha has a natural passion for looking after people and studied an FdA so she could be paid properly for her passion

Due to the support that Truro and Penwith College provides and the wide range of courses on offer, Natasha’s decision to study for a University Course has been a positive one, and a choice that she would encourage others to make: “My message to everybody is that it’s not too late to do it. A degree really opens up your career prospects. If you’re a bit lost then you should go back into education.”