Richard Crampton

SUCCESS Project Management

Keen to progress within the field of IT and networking for his next career move, Richard Crampton decided to utilise his experience of project management within his current role at RAF Portreath, to gain an academic qualification supporting his existing practical skills.

In my career, I have already worked on various projects, from small projects to ones on a much larger scale, and I have always done reasonably well on the practical side but had no formal qualifications to back it up.

Richard wanted to develop his skillset and change his career

Initially introduced to the Access to Higher Level Skills project with a Higher Level Skills Day hosted in his workplace, Richard decided to act on his aspiration to progress and enrolled on the SUCCESS Project Management course. With the aim to gain new ideas and theories about the subject, the university-level short course gave him the confidence to continue to work on successful projects and to develop his career further in the future. Richard said: “It really highlighted lots of different new techniques in a lot of depth, showing me that there are many different ways of doing things to meet the same end goal.”

Although re-engaging in education later in life, Richard found himself in a supportive environment where he was able to learn about the higher education process as well as the subject itself: “It was great to study alongside other people who are in similar situations to me. I’ve never studied at this level of education before, so the course has given me a real opportunity to learn a lot and even write an assignment.”

Selecting a fictitious lodge installation at a caravan park for his project, Richard completed his research and assignments to ensure that he was as organised as possible, brushing up on the more particular details. He said: “I really wanted to push myself to learn how I could run a project better so I chose an idea that I wasn’t familiar with, meaning that I couldn’t just rely on my existing knowledge about the industry and I really had to work to get the project up and running.”

In the future Richard is looking to stay local to Cornwall but would like to venture into a career that includes both IT and networking as well as his new project management skills.

After all of the guidance and support received from Truro and Penwith College, I can now take my knowledge into the field and use it in my future career.

Grateful to have been supported financially by the College and his employer throughout the course, Richard was given a fantastic opportunity and encourages others to do the same: “The project really encourages people to think about bettering themselves; if you get the opportunity to study again then you should definitely take it.”

These activities are being delivered through the ESF Widening Participation through Skills Project. This project is receiving £1.5 million of funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England.