Rosie Williams

FdSc Law

Local girl Rosie Williams had always wanted to study law, but leaving Cornwall to do so was something she wanted to avoid: “For some people going away to university is great, but I’m quite a home bird and wanted to stay in Cornwall and having the course available at Truro and Penwith College allowed me to do it. I originally applied for courses in Plymouth, Bristol and Exeter and got accepted for all three but decided they were still too far away from Cornwall.”

Determined to stay completely in Cornwall to study, Rosie took a gap year to weigh up her options and discovered the FdSc Law course at Truro and Penwith College, drawn by the flexibility that it offered.

I chose to come to Truro College because there were less hours. I taught gymnastics in primary schools in the local areas so it meant I could continue to work.

Once she began her course, Rosie knew she had made the right decision: “I really enjoyed my course. I was welcomed to the College and you could always go and sit in the library and use the computers or hire out a study pod for individual study. My tutor Cathy was always available, either by email or by popping into her office if you needed general assistance or even just hand-holding through some of it like ‘you can do this, you’ll be fine’. She was always there, which was really reassuring.”

Although struggling with severe dyslexia, Rosie found that the College was very helpful when it came to assignments and exams: “I’m quite severely dyslexic, but I was able to get extra time in exams which was well facilitated for. It was so much better than just being off in my own room completely; I had the opportunity to sit with everyone else in the exam hall but just continue to have additional time when everyone left part way through. The College was really supportive.”

We were a group of only 20 in the first year and 12 in the second year so really nice and small. It meant that the tutor Cathy knew us all personally and knew what was going on in our lives so she was always there to help.

A lady with dark brown hair and glasses, stood in the middle of the image smiling and wearing a black dress and jacket

Rosie is now a qualified Solicitor at Cornish firm Conroys Solicitors

Completing the final top-up year at another institution to finish her qualification, Rosie set out to find her dream job at a Cornish solicitors. It was during this process that Rosie found her choice of study location to be especially useful: “I interviewed with a few different companies and every time they were quite interested in the fact that I’d chosen to stay down in Cornwall. I think it showed I was committed to the area and wasn’t just looking for a job anywhere. I think it helps to be able to show a level of commitment and that you do want to be down here and are invested in the community.”

Rosie was offered a job as a Paralegal at Conroys Solicitors, after which she took on a training contract with them just 18 months later. After working the two-year contract, Rosie qualified as a Solicitor in April 2017, with experience in mental capacity, mental health, community care and public law. Rosie is thrilled with her job and her decision to stay in Cornwall: “Even if I could do it all over again I wouldn’t do it any differently.”