Ross Parkinson

BA (Hons) Education & Training

Actively protecting and saving lives for Her Majesty’s Coastguard in Falmouth, Ross Parkinson has gained a whole host of experience that led him to be promoted to the Senior Maritime Operations Manager with his can-do attitude.

When there are lives at risk, I’m one of the people who make that all-important intervention.

Having always followed his passion, Ross found himself switching between careers and retraining in education before he graduated from the BA (Hons) Education and Training course at Truro and Penwith College to complete his degree. Although returning to education a little later in life, Ross still boasts an extensive portfolio of experiences and job related qualifications.

Upon completing his A Levels at Truro and Penwith College, Ross continued his studies with a Foundation Degree before entering the industry as a freelance Outdoor Instructor across land and water based activities. Describing himself as someone who likes to “build upon previous experiences and learn new life skills”, Ross found himself wanting to work within the field of teaching and so completed a Certificate in Education course to allow him to do so. 

Ross Parkinson, BA (Hons) Education and Training student at Truro and Penwith College

Ross is saving lives as the Senior Maritime Operations Manager for Her Majesty's Coastguard in Falmouth

Although Ross was happy with the direction that his career was going in, he still felt the need to complete the degree that he had started in his late teens so enrolled on the BA (Hons) Education and Training course at the College.

As a former student, Ross was already aware of the high standard of teaching and facilities available at the College, so decided that this was the best place to complete his degree. Finding that the smaller class sizes and diverse mix of people on his course really enriched his experience, he said: “It was great to be in a class with just the right amount of people in so that, when taking part in group activities, we could all play a significant role.”

Despite the rather unconventional route of completing his degree, Ross was comforted to find that many of his peers were in the same situation and had decided to return to education later in life.

Many of my fellow students had come back to education having already had a career. Having this prior experience was a great benefit throughout the course and generally enhanced our quality of learning.

Realising that he didn’t need to move away from home to study was a key opportunity, especially being a mature student with a full time job. Not only was the location a positive, but Ross was also encouraged by the help and support from the tutors: “The support was second to none; balancing a full-time job whilst studying can be challenging but my tutor was there to help me succeed at every step.”