Roxanne Sargent

FdA Children and Young People's Workforce

Following a relocation from Surrey to Newquay, Roxanne Sargent studied for A Levels in Business, Travel and Tourism and Health and Social Care before taking a three year break away from education. At the time, Roxanne didn’t feel ready to make the step up to University Courses but decided to continue her education later by enrolling on the FdA in Children and Young Peoples Workforce at Truro College. Roxanne said: “After taking three years out, I feel a lot better and more comfortable with myself to study and certainly in a better state of mind.”

September was a busy time for Roxanne, who gave birth to her first child just one week before starting her course, but the support available at the College really helped her to persevere with her studies.

It’s stressful but it’s a lot easier knowing that I can turn to anyone at the College for support, even other students in my class.

Prior to starting her course, Roxanne developed a passion for care while helping to look after her nephew as well as her friend’s children. After volunteering to care for people with dementia and mental health in the Truro area, Roxanne knew that it was a career that she wanted to pursue: “I’ve always been interested in mental health and special educational needs in young people. I decided to study a degree in the children and young people’s workforce because I want to get more information about mental health and SEN, as well as integration into school. My friend’s daughter has SEN and I just want to be able to help children like her when they get to school.”

Developing an interest into a viable career route, Roxanne decided that it was time to take action based on the positive stories that she had heard about University Courses at Truro and Penwith College: “I was recommended to do the course by a friend so I came in to have a look around. Everyone was very friendly and quite relaxed; I definitely wouldn’t have coped as well in a larger university setting.”

Although nervous to start the course with a baby on the way, Roxanne found that the great support network both at home and at College really helped to build her confidence.

Studying two days a week works really well and helps me to manage childcare, I have a great group of classmates who are really understanding and everyone gets on well.