Thomas Clinch

BSc (Hons) Applied Computing Technologies

Inspired by College life, Thomas Clinch, 21 from Penzance, has created a computer programme for his dissertation that enables face recognition for students that need to register for their classes but have forgotten their student card.

Knowing that he could get a University of Plymouth Degree without having to leave the county, Thomas initially enrolled on the FdSc Computer Technology at Truro College. Being able to attend University within Cornwall, along with the level of support from the College, meant that Thomas could also keep his job and work whilst gaining his degree.

Thomas progressed on to the BSc (Hons) Applied Computing Technologies this year and said: “The teachers here are fantastic - I can’t fault them. They are brilliant. I’ve spoken to my friends who went to other universities and they’ve all said that being in a big lecture theatre is not very interpersonal, you have to wait until afterwards to ask questions. Here, you can ask questions you want within the class and get your answers immediately.”

Before enrolling in the University level course, Thomas came from a more humanities-based background. Despite this, Thomas has always had an interest in Computing and added: “You don’t have to be confident at maths or programming to begin to study this course, as the skills are developed throughout all the lectures giving you a great understanding”.