Student experience

When you first arrive at Truro and Penwith College, no matter your interests, talent or ambitions, you'll make friends quickly and be supported by highly motivated and inspirational tutors.

Working or relaxing

You'll find your favourite places to hangout as you become familiar with the fantastic facilities in modern, purpose-built buildings. Whether lounging on the grass under the sun, grabbing a coffee before heading to the recording studios to work on your music, or throwing on your sports gear and working out at the gym, life between lectures is rich, varied and a lot of fun.

Back in the classrooms, the quality of teaching and the cutting-edge equipment across the curriculum will inspire you to make continued progress throughout your studies.

With everyone learning remotely now due to the pandemic please see the link below to view our remote offering at Truro and Penwith College.

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Experience your own transformation as you progress through your course. You'll develop socially, professionally and personally, ready for university or employment. Thanks to the College’s vibrant and inclusive social scene, along with some of the best educational, artistic and sporting facilities in the country, you will be in the perfect environment to surpass your goals and lead a life of endless opportunity. Hone your skills, perfect your talents and achieve your potential.

It’s exciting, challenging and rewarding, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Treating everyone as equal

We value and respect the diversity of our student body and work relentlessly in supporting everyone to achieve their full potential. Students from all walks of life can experience vulnerability at some point in their lives.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ensures that vulnerable people are not marginalised, or labelled and have a right to our wide-range of support services to help them continue and achieve. You can find some success stories of former students below. We regularly take and respond to student and parent/carer feedback as part of a continuous improvement cycle, for example, through individual learning plan days, feedback from parent/carer evenings, surveys and course reviews.

From the course

Tanya Maduveko

Grades: Chemistry A, Biology A, Psychology B, at A Level

Hometown: Threemilestone

What’s next: A gap year and then applying for Medicine at Exeter, Cardiff and Nottingham.

“I am really pleased with my results, they are what I was expecting” said Tanya. “I really enjoyed studying at the College. I liked having the opportunity to meet new people from different areas and with different interests”.

Tanya was also part of the Medics’ Academy, which gives additional support for anyone wanting to get into Medicine. “I really loved it actually, it was so helpful because they taught us so many things that I had no idea about. We had people come to speak to us from uni's and people who had gone to Truro College, so it was really helpful.

“I went to career workshops and discovered the Medics Academy, which helped me confirm my career ambitions. Studying at the College is challenging but it pushes you forward in the best way possible.

“It's really, really nice how many different people there are and the different experiences they have.”

Keron Day

Course: Geography, Politics and Drama & Theatre Studies A Levels

Hometown: Helston

What’s next: Geography at University

“The best thing about Geography is learning about the world, which allows you to have a greater understanding. I went on the Toronto trip and I was able to see what we studied in class in real life, which was very cool but also very cold. It’s great to be able to see things in real life and not just out of a book.

“I love Geography so I’ll be studying it at university. I would also like to look at disability and how society changes in human geography.

“College is really good. It’s easily accessible, which is important for me, and the people are genuinely helpful and nice. If you do need help all you have to do is ask.”

Melissa Lin-Sin-Cho

Grades: 3 A*s in Physics, Maths, Chemistry A Levels

Previous School: Truro School

What’s next: Natural Sciences at Durham

“These are the grades I’d have been aiming for so I’m really pleased and very happy” said Melissa.

“You get a lot of freedom at the College and I really liked the independence. The teaching is really good and I got on well with all my tutors who were always helpful”.

Melissa was also part of the Badminton Academy team that won a bronze medal in the AOC Championships.

When asked what advice she would give to new students starting in September Melissa said: “Work hard from the beginning and give yourself a head start!”

Ed Andrews

Grades: Triple Distinction, BTEC Extended Diploma Health & Social Care

Hometown: Redruth

University: Sussex

Award: Association of College’s National Student of the Year runner-up

At the time of working towards his top grades and national recognition, Ed was undergoing significant educational, social and health challenges through trans-gendering. He worked hard with College support staff to overcome his dyslexia and was determined be the first member of his family to attend university.

Outside of the College, Ed was determined to increase understanding of gender issues by running campaigns through social media and engagement with Truro’s LGBT group. Throughout this time, he continued to undertake voluntary work by teaching martial arts to primary-aged children.

Ed says:"Truro College were brilliant, they were accepting and changed my name right away and made my life a whole lot easier.”

Mia Abbot-Smith

Course: Sport BTEC Extended Diploma

Previous School: Cambourne Science and International Academy

What’s next: Physical Education Coaching at Gloucester

"The first year was fun. You learn how to coach and about sports injuries and what to do. You get to learn about the structure of your body, your digestive system, it was really interesting, I loved it. The second year was a bit more difficult, but it was fun and I really loved it. I'd recommend it to anyone. I did the Rugby Academy and it was definitely worth it. I made some new friends, it was good."

Mia advises anyone starting at the College: “Just work hard, do your best and have fun. Meet new people."

Nish Acharya

Course: Business Extended Diploma

Hometown: Penzance

What’s next: Business Management at Reading

“I came to this college because it's closer to where I live and it's nice. It's got a lot of courses here, and the teachers are friendly as well.”