Student experience

When you first arrive at Truro and Penwith College, no matter your interests, talent or ambitions, you'll make friends quickly and be supported by highly motivated and inspirational tutors.

Working or relaxing

You'll find your favourite places to hangout as you become familiar with the fantastic facilities in modern, purpose-built buildings. Whether lounging on the grass under the sun, grabbing a coffee before heading to the recording studios to work on your music, or throwing on your sports gear and working out at the gym, life between lectures is rich, varied and a lot of fun.

Back in the classrooms, the quality of teaching and the cutting-edge equipment across the curriculum will inspire you to make continued progress throughout your studies.


Experience your own transformation as you progress through your course. You'll develop socially, professionally and personally, ready for university or employment. Thanks to the College’s vibrant and inclusive social scene, along with some of the best educational, artistic and sporting facilities in the country, you will be in the perfect environment to surpass your goals and lead a life of endless opportunity. Hone your skills, perfect your talents and achieve your potential.

It’s exciting, challenging and rewarding, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Treating everyone as equal

We value and respect the diversity of our student body and work relentlessly in supporting everyone to achieve their full potential. Students from all walks of life can experience vulnerability at some point in their lives.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ensures that vulnerable people are not marginalised, or labelled and have a right to our wide-range of support services to help them continue and achieve. You can find some success stories of former students below. We regularly take and respond to student and parent/carer feedback as part of a continuous improvement cycle, for example, through individual learning plan days, feedback from parent/carer evenings, surveys and course reviews.

From the course

Ed Andrews

At the time of working towards his top grades, Ed was undergoing significant educational, social and health challenges through trans-gendering. Additionally, he worked hard with College support staff to overcome his dyslexia and demonstrated “relentless determination” in his quest to be the first member of his family to attend university.

Outside of the College, Ed was determined to increase understanding of gender issues by running campaigns through social media and engagement with Truro’s LGBT group. Throughout this difficult time, he continued to undertake voluntary work by teaching martial arts to primary-aged children.

Despite narrowly missing out on the top award on the night, Edward said he was, “really happy to get this far in the competition and to have the opportunity to be considered for the award”.

Edward said that, “Truro College were brilliant, they were accepting and changed my name right away and made my life a whole lot easier.”

Thomas Routly

Grades: Business Studies A, Biology A, Geography A
Hometown: Tresparrett Village near Boscastle
Previous school: Shebbear College
University: Harper Adams University to study Agriculture with Animal Science.

What are your plans beyond the College?

I’m going to Harper Adams because it applies well to the farm I live on and hopefully work on one day. With dairy farming it’s all about the health of the animal and its wellbeing is a top priority if you want to get top-quality milk out of it. We currently have around 160 milking cows.

It’s really important to be on top of the game when it comes to farming and I think a degree will help keep me up to date with all the latest things like legislation and farming technology which is moving on very fast.

If I was giving advice to new students I would say don’t be overawed and while for some students it may seem that you travel a long distance, after a couple of weeks you start enjoying it. On the bus I made a great group of friends, we had a laugh. In the evenings in the winter I would catch up on sleep.

My tutor has been the best support I could hope for and nothing was ever too much for him. Both my sisters came to Truro and Penwith College and did very well, also my parents were impressed with the College. 

Kirstie Peters

Grades: English A, Law A*, Psychology A, Classics B
Hometown: St. Ives
Previous school: St. Ives School
University: Exeter University to study English and American Literature

Why did you choose the College?

I really wanted to push myself at a great college and reach my potential which is why I chose Truro and Penwith College. I’ve loved meeting new people and witnessing the new and clever ways of teaching. It’s been a great College and the staff really care, I’m going to miss the excellent teaching and the food!


Callum Eddy

Results: Biology A*, Physics A*, Mathematics A*, Chemistry A
Hometown: St Erth
Previous school: Hayle Community
University: Durham University to read Physics with Astronomy.

What interested you in astronomy?
Generally, it was science fiction; it sounds really clichéd, but Star Wars and Star Trek. It was mostly trying to prove the science; some things have become existent because of it, and I always thought that ‘if it doesn’t exist, will it or can it’, and can I get the knowledge to know how to progress that? I particularly like the idea of quantum teleportation and nuclear fusion.

Why did you choose the College?
I chose the College because it was the best local college available and it had renowned excellence. Everyone comes here because it is the best available. It lived up to my expectations and everything has been great, particularly the lecturers. It was hard work and I didn’t think I would get these grades, but if you don’t try you never get. I would advise new students to work hard, do everything on time and if in doubt, do more than you need to and keep reading.

What would you like to do for a career?
Further research or a career with NASA would be the greatest thing to achieve, that might be too high again, but you know, reach for the stars.

What have you enjoyed most?
All of it, nothing was not enjoyed! Reaching out, expanding knowledge and linking the sciences together for an improved understanding of everything possible.

Would you recommend the College?
Great times are to be had, fun experiences, lifetime memories and knowledge of the universe! 

Anna Thomason-Kenyon, FdA Silversmithing and Jewellery

Why did you decide to do the FdA in Silversmithing and Jewellery?

It’s something I always wanted to do as I have always been creative and found art a great way of unburdening. I went to work for two local artists and they saw some textile work I had done. I the took a pottery course, before being helped to apply to Truro and Penwith College. 

How has your experience of the College been?

Really good. I have done all sorts of jobs, from point-to-point jockeying, to auditing, ending up in the care industry, and I had to wait until I was retired to fulfil the artistic side that I have always wanted to do. Luckily the College is still taking on students of my age. I am dyslexic and I have a terrific amount of help with that from the College. The other students who are much younger have given me terrific support.

What would you advise a mature person considering a course?

Never ever say it’s enough, chase your dreams. You find hidden depths within yourself that you never knew you had. My first jewellery piece has sold and the buyer has requested a private viewing of my next piece, which is fantastic.