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An Introduction to the Truro and Penwith College Enrichment Programme

Our leading Enrichment offer has over 40 options to help you make the most of your time in College. Find out all about it here!

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Published Wednesday 13 December 2023

Enrichment is a huge part of the curriculum here at Truro and Penwith College. We believe that taking part in Enrichment is massively beneficial for the mental and physical wellbeing for students and staff alike, and that there is something in our Enrichment programme for everyone among over 40 options currently available. But you may be wondering, what exactly is Enrichment, and how can you get involved? Look no further; Find out all about the brand-new Enrichment programme here!

Enrichment can help you get into competitive University courses such as Medicine.

Our Enrichment programme offers something for every student and gives you a great opportunity to meet other students and socialise, develop new skills, prepare for your next steps and keep healthy mentally and physically. Our Enrichment options have been developed in line with our College Values, which are proven to strengthen future career and academic success. These Values are:

Wellbeing, which helps you understand the importance of your own physical, social and emotional welfare.

Engagement, which develops motivation, confidence and ambition to take advantage of opportunities available to you in college and beyond.

Aspiration, which sets you up on the path to a successful and happy future and to achieve your full potential. Do not set a ceiling for what you can achieve!

Respect, which aims to develop your understanding and confidence so you can play an active part in creating positive inclusive communities, where everyone is valued and respected.

All kinds of sports are available in our Enrichment offer.


Enrichment Co-ordinator at the College Mark Stevens explains the programme: “Enrichment is a key part of our student’s curriculum at Truro and Penwith College. It is split into four important areas, these are Extra Curricular Enrichment, Specialist Academies, Sport Academies and Recreational Sport and Games.

Our outstanding Enrichment programme enables students to develop skills such as resilience, confidence, self-growth, teamwork, physical and mental wellbeing, and many more.”

Extra-Curricular Enrichment develops skills that are beneficial for future career ambitions and can complement your chosen subjects. For example, the Jazz Band can be beneficial if you study a music course as it can teach you important improv skills, or the Creative Writing group can help you if you study English, Film Studies, or Media Studies as you can try your hand at writing prose, poetry, scripts, and journalistic articles.

Specialist Academies can improve your chances of securing a place at a selective university like Oxbridge or the Russell Group universities. They can improve your technical skill in a wide range of subject areas, including medicine and allied health, maths, law, eSports or academics!

Competitive Sports Academies are for those who are passionate about all things sports and are willing to travel to fixtures to compete in matches and tournaments. Competitive Sports Academies seek to improve your knowledge and fitness in a sport of your choice, and there are plenty to choose from including badminton, basketball, cricket, netball, football and rugby, the latter of which is an England Rugby Partner and works closely with the Exeter Chiefs as part of the Exeter Chiefs Academy.

Finally, there is Recreational Sports and Games Enrichment, which is aimed at those who want to play sports or games without committing to an Academy or having to travel to fixtures. These options aim to promote mental health and wellbeing and allow you to take part in games such as table tennis, ball games, chess, and board games, as well as access the gym and have sessions with a personal trainer.

Una with a paint brush in hand
Creatively-minded people will feel at home in one of our many Creative Arts Enrichment options.

Mark also discussed the benefits of the programme: “The Enrichment programme can have a huge benefit to our students physical and mental wellbeing. Enrichment allows students to choose what they want to do and pick the Enrichment session they feel will benefit them the most. We have numerous students who select Enrichment so it can specifically be beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing; we recognise the importance of this.”

To find out more about the Enrichment options we provide, you can take a look at the Enrichment guide on our website here. Once you’ve chosen, Mark explains how to apply: “Students can sign up to their Enrichment choice at the interview stage, when they select what course they want to study. If they are unsure, I would suggest attending an Open Event and asking the relevant staff about Enrichment.”

If you’ve not decided which Enrichment option is best for you by the time of your interview, or if you change your mind, there’s no need to worry! “Students can also sign up to Enrichment at our Freshers Fair in September,” Mark says. “All Enrichment activities will have a stall and be able to answer any questions students might have.”

Use your Enrichment choice to chase your passions!

The College also provides drop-in sessions in the form of the award-winning Health, Wellbeing and Sport programme, which has a timetable for both Truro and Penwith campuses. HWS Co-ordinator Sheona Cornes describes the programme: “The Health, Wellbeing and Sport programme was developed to help create a cross-college culture of wellbeing and is designed to offer opportunities that are fully inclusive and diverse to encourage all students and staff to participate in regular health and wellbeing activities and in turn help them achieve their goals.

“The HWS team offer drop-in sessions for students to access anytime that they are available in the week. We have a range of recreational wellbeing sessions including Yoga, Gardening, Fitness classes and Dance, plus many more. The timetable of activities is sent to students every term and can be found on posters around the college, and there are updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

“Students who attend the sessions have reported that the sessions have hugely improved their mental and physical health as well as giving opportunities to meet new people. There is no commitment and no need to book; just drop-in as and when you want, and you’ll always find a warm and friendly welcome.”

Health, Wellbeing and Sport (HWS) provide free gym sessions to students and staff throughout the term.

HWS differs from Enrichment as the HWS sessions will not be put on your timetable and you can attend as many as you like. You can see what sessions are available during the term on the HWS Facebook page here.

We see Enrichment as an important aspect of student life here at Truro and Penwith College. Mark expresses the significance of the Enrichment programme to students studying with us: “We as a college recognise challenges that young people must endure, and we believe enhancing their educational journey with us has an impact, and their time here with us is massively important. Enrichment is a key aspect to their life here at Truro and Penwith College, as it helps them develop, grow and learn new skills.”

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