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A Level Business Studies

A sound understanding of key business concepts are important to anyone aspiring to a career in business management. This course will help you gain a good understanding of the processes and practices a business must undertake to make key business decisions.


Whether it is setting up your own small business or working for a global multinational, many of the key areas of understanding and useful skills are introduced within the A Level Business Studies course.

You will be provided with a valuable insight into the world of business and why organisations make the decisions that they do and how this impacts upon markets and individuals. The course will also help you develop numerical and literacy skills in an applied setting through class work and assessments. Perhaps most importantly the course will require you to reflect upon the commercial environment around you and understand how it impacts on your daily life.

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Start date: 08/09/2022

Course code
Level 3
Penwith College
2 years
A Level


Outstanding facilities

Specialist lecturers

Small class sizes

Highly relevant content

Individual study support

Business 118

Relevant and useful

Study a subject that will be relevant and useful to whatever career you embark on in future.

Business 119

Leadership and management

Explore how inspired leadership and management together with considered decision-making can lead to entrepreneurial success and achieve key strategic objectives.

Business 112

Enrichment opportunities

High profile speakers regularly visit to share their knowledge. Work experience is encouraged to put theory into practice.


Theme 1: You are introduced to the market, exploring the marketing and people functions and investigating entrepreneurs and business start-ups. You will gain an understanding of how businesses identify opportunities and explore how businesses develop competitive advantages and interact with customers. You will develop an understanding of how businesses need to adapt their marketing to operate in a dynamic business environment. You will also consider people, exploring how businesses recruit, train, organise and motivate employees, as well as the role of enterprising individuals and leaders. Finally you will investigate different types and sizes of organisation in various business sectors and environments, and in local, national and global contexts.

Theme 2: You will study Managing Business Activities exploring the finance and operations functions and investigate external influences on the business. You will gain an understanding of raising and managing finance and measuring the performance of a business. The theme outlines the importance of using resources efficiently within a business to ensure that goods or services can be delivered effectively and efficiently, and to a high quality. You will consider the external influences that have an impact on businesses, including developing your understanding of the economic and legal factors which can impact both positively and negatively upon a business. Once again you will investigate different types and sizes of organisation in various business sectors and environments, and in local, national and global contexts.

Theme 3: You will study Business Decisions and Strategy building on your understanding of many of the concepts introduced within Theme 2 and explore how these influence business strategy and strategic decision making. This theme bridges the gap between the role of functions and the strategy of the business. You will analyse corporate objectives and strategy against financial and non-financial performance measures and how businesses grow by organic and inorganic methods, developing an understanding of the impact of external influences and of organisational culture. The theme covers the causes and effects of change and how businesses mitigate risk and uncertainty. You will develop your quantitative skills further by enhancing your knowledge previously acquired by learning how to forecast sales, how to calculate moving averages and how to work out budget variances.

Theme 4: You will investigate businesses that trade on a global scale and explore their reasons for doing so. You will develop your understanding of the concepts introduced in Theme 1 and explore business activity in a global context You will develop an understanding of the globally competitive environment and consider the ethical and moral dimensions of global business activities. You will explore the emerging markets of BRIC and MINT, examine the various methods that a UK business can use to achieve globalisation and will examine the growing dominance of multi-national corporations looking into topics such as tax avoidance and tax evasion.

You will also have the opportunity to explore a research theme which is released by Edexcel. Past topics include the global confectionery market, the entertainment sector and the Health and Fitness industry, students will engage in in-depth targeted research on the chosen industry both in class and independently. This is a real opportunity to learn about a particular industry in significant depth, developing invaluable research skills equipping you for future academic and professional routes.  

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A Level Business Studies could lead you into a wide range of career choices, including Marketing Executive roles, Accountancy, Events Management, Management Consultancy and working in human resources.

A Level Business is also an excellent pathway to higher education courses, which include degrees in Business Management, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting.


3 Examinations of 2 hours.

Paper 1 – Marketing, people and global business {Theme 1 and 4} worth 35% of qualification.

Paper 2 – Business activities, decisions and strategy {Theme 2 and 3} worth 35% of qualification.

Paper 3 – Investigating businesses in a competitive environment worth 30% of qualification.

Your achievement in this subject is dependent upon excellent attendance, punctuality, effort, and further research. You will be assessed with regular formal classroom assessments to develop examination technique as well as understanding. These will also include feedback on your understanding, structure and use of key terminology. You will undertake formal mock examinations in advance of your final exams. You will review your own performance in 1:1 sessions with your lecturer, as well as through self-reflection based on your class assessments.


For all A Levels a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above in appropriate subjects, to include English Language or Literature and/or Maths at Grade 5 or above is required.


It is very important for students to take a wider interest in current affairs as it helps to make their course of study relevant. Therefore, it is crucial to read widely and to follow the news on a regular basis. Any work experience within a business context, will be immensely valuable, both to aid understanding and as a point of reference in university applications. A wide variety of electronic resource material is available in addition to a well-stocked Learning Centre.


Awarding Body: Edexcel

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