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BA (Hons) Human Behavioural Studies

Every job involves interaction with other humans, meaning that an understanding of human behaviour is an asset to any profession, including routes into teaching, health, social care and business.


It is our endeavor to offer you a unique experience combining the academic study of contemporary issues within human behavioural studies with a practical application of such theory. We aim to facilitate your development towards becoming an autonomous independent learner whilst still ensuring a supportive network in order for you to maximise your potential as a student, employee and citizen.

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Start date: 23/09/2024

Course code
Level 6
Penwith College
1 year
Bachelor’s Degree
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In depth study of human behaviour

A contemporary study experience

We support your progression


Part-Time study available

You can choose to do this course over two years, please contact for more information.

Humanities & Social Sciences 00007

Small class Sizes

Our policy to run small groups means that the teaching sessions are highly interactive allowing for debate and practical activities to enhance the learning experience


Variety of Learning Environments

During the course of this Bachelor’s, you will learn in a variety of environments such as Lectures, Seminars, Debates, and one-to-one sessions.


This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in Human Behaviours, it provides the opportunity to tailor the course to your interests and explore topics and methods of study to a more in-depth level.

Programme Quality Handbook 2023-24 

  • Dissertation- This module will require students to develop a research question based on their own area of interest and develop a research strategy in order to test the question. Data collected will be analysed and the findings of the research will be reported in a way relevant to the discipline.
  • Contemporary Issues – This module will require students to undertake a range of modules based on contemporary topics within the field. Students will have the opportunity to be assessed in a range of academic and applied methods.

You will be able to choose three of the following optional 20 credit modules:

  • Addiction –Students will explore a range of explanations for addictive behaviours (including drug addiction and gambling) and their implications for the prevention and treatment of addiction.
  • Developmental Disorders and Education- Students will study a range of developmental disorders in children and consider how they are catered for within our education system. Students will also consider the changing world of child development and whether today’s society is creating further childhood ‘disorders’?
  • Exploring Offending and Anti-Social Behaviour- Students will investigate contemporary approaches to the explanation of offending and antisocial behaviour. An examination of the methods of treatment of criminal and antisocial behaviour and its effectiveness will be considered.
  • Health Behaviours and Mental Wellbeing- Students will study a range of health behaviours, such as physical activity and diet, and their impact on our mental health and wellbeing through an examination of body image and related psychological disorders.
  • Issues in Mental Health- This module will explore a range of views on mental disorders and the changing face of treatment from invasive psychosurgery, pharmacological solution, talking therapies and evidence-based practice. A critical understanding of the themes and issues covered are relevant for any individual wishing to work in the field of mental health or social care
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The BA in Human Behavioural Studies can enable entry into a variety of employment options and progression onto a number of post-graduate options.

Employment Options:

  • Mental Health Support Roles
  • Mental Health training positions with organisations such as Outlook and CAMHS
  • Assistant Psychologist roles within the NHS
  • Educational roles
  • Youth Offending support and other roles within the criminal justice system
  • Public Services
  • Local government
  • Research Psychologist
  • Practicing Psychologist
  • Psychology Lecturer

Postgraduate Options:

  • MSc and MA opportunities in Psychology and related disciplines
  • MSc with GBC conversion
  • Opportunities to progress onto related Doctoral Programmes (subject to necessary MSc /MA requirements)
  • Teaching opportunities including SCITT and PGCE
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Assessment Arrangements

The methods of assessment for this course are 60% coursework, 25% Examination and 15% Practical Assessment.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to students who have already achieved 120 credits at Level 4 and 120 credits at Level 5 in a relevant subject such as social sciences.

In practice this usually means a Foundation Degree, HND or equivalent with 40% or more for the final aggregate mark.

Additional Information


DURATION: One year full time, part time available

LOCATION: Penwith Campus (Also available at Truro)

AWARDING BODY: University of Plymouth

Meet the staff, tour the campus and find out about life as a student at one of the best colleges in the country.

What you could earn

  • Counsellors
  • Welfare Professionals
  • Natural and Social Science Professionals
  • Social and Humanities Scientists
  • Physical Scientists
  • Social Workers
  • Environmental Health Professionals
  • Conservation Professionals
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