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Maths Academy

Come along to the Maths Academy if you enjoy mathematical problem solving and want to extend your mathematical skills.

Maths Academy

What can I expect?

Discover the extraordinary world of Truro College Maths Academy, where we go above and beyond to elevate your mathematical journey.

Immerse yourself in thrilling project-based competitions like "The Student Investor Challenge" - an opportunity to test your skills as a future investor, engage in the mind-boggling "Maths Bombe" and conquer fiendish mathematical problems that will push the limits of your intellect. Join us in unravelling the enigmatic "National Cipher Challenge" and put your code-cracking abilities to the ultimate test. And that's not all!

Throughout the year, we delve into captivating puzzles and explore fascinating areas of mathematics that will captivate your imagination. Unleash your mathematical prowess and embark on an unforgettable adventure at Truro College Maths Academy. 

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