Apprenticeships: Lockdown, Furlough, Recovery and Brexit

An employer support webinar that will help with managing Apprentices through lockdown and the funding and support that make Apprenticeships key to recovery and the Brexit transition.

Date: 12 February 

Time: 10:00am – 11:30am 

Location: Online webinar

Event registration is now closed. For information, help or advice contact or call 01872 305500.

Kim Conchie (CEO, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce), James Collings (Partner, FootAnstey LLP), Sharron Robbie MBE (MD, Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network) and Cathie Kessell (Employment and Apprenticeship Officer, Economic Growth Service, Cornwall Council) will join the College’s Apprenticeship and Business Relations Team to deliver this free webinar. 

This National Apprenticeship Week event will support employers who are managing their Apprentices through lockdown and explain the funding and support that make Apprenticeships key to recovery and the Brexit transition. 

National Apprenticeship Week comes at a challenging time for the College and business community. 

The College firmly believes these challenges should be faced together, and there has never been a more important time for us to get and stay connected. 

Key topics will include: Maximising support for Apprentices while working remotely, what furloughed Apprentices are legally allowed to do and support with contract extensions to ensure Apprentices can return to work and complete their programme. 

The webinar will also cover why the College, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network believe Apprenticeships will play a vital role post lockdown and throughout the Brexit transition, through significant government investment, the flexibility to train current staff or add capacity, the wide range of programmes available and new programmes the College is introducing to support businesses at this time. 

Employers will also be guided through accessing funding from the government’s £695 million scheme to reduce training costs by up to 95% for SMEs and additional financial incentives for recruiting new Apprentices aged 16-18 (or under 25 with an education, health and care plan). 

Broader skills funding will also be covered, to ensure all employers are informed of the support available to boost skills in their business as they move towards recovery while managing the Brexit transition.  

Two professionals working at a desk in an office environment


10:00am - Welcome:   

  • Tammy McDermott (Webinar Compere and Apprenticeship Recruitment Coordinator, Truro and Penwith College) 
  • Adele Bull (Head of Apprenticeships and Business Relations, Truro and Penwith College)  
  • Kim Conchie (CEO, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce)  

10:10am – Apprenticeships, furlough and remote working  

James Collings (Partner, FootAnstey LLP) will join the team to cover:  

  • Remote working: Maximising support for Apprentices  
  • Furloughed Apprentices: What they can or can't do (employment law advice)   
  • Contract extensions and College support to help make sure your Apprentices complete their programme and continue contributing to your business   

10:40am – Apprenticeships and skills training: key to recovery and Brexit transition  

Kim Conchie (CEO, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce) and Sharron Robbie MBE (MD, Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network) will join the team to cover:  

  • The importance of Apprenticeships to Cornwall’s recovery and Brexit transition  
  • Skills funding and incentives for Apprenticeships and more  
  • Upskilling current staff and increasing capacity without the cost of recruitment  
  • New innovative programmes to support recovery and Brexit transition  

11:15am – Q&A:  

  • Live Q&A with Adele Bull, Sharron Robbie MBE, Kim Conchie, James Collings, Cathie Kessell, Hayley McKinstry (Programe Team Leader and Quality Development Manager) and Charli Styles (European Projects Manager) – submit your questions live or as part of the event registration.
  • How to gain support from the College post event

11:30am - Event close